Pre-Season Is Here! So…Where’s Your “D”?

For some teams, preseason is well underway. But for New Orleans Saints fans, it officially starts tonight when the home team takes on the Kansas City Chiefs. Head Coach Sean Payton is back! Wide receiver Joe Morgan is essentially dead. But what we're most excited about is what this season will bring for the beleaguered defense. There's a new coach at the helm of the crappiest defense in NFL history. And although the bar is pretty low for new leader Rob Ryan, so is the margin of error. In honor of this exciting new season, the Chicks want to help you celebrate the return to football...and since it's us, the celebration includes booze! We're giving away two $25 gift cards to Dave … [Read more...]

The Pro Bowl is Changing…Again

They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But for the NFL if it is broke, keep fixing it...over..and over...and over again. The Pro Bowl is once again getting tweaked in an effort to make at least one NFL fan even casually give a damn. From here on out, you can say goodbye to the traditional system of a certain number of players from each conference getting selected to go. Starting this season, the players will be selected via a draft. So it's sort of like fantasy football, without the fantasy. Deep. And that's not all that's changing, according to the NFL Player's Association: Players will be assigned to teams through the Pro Bowl Draft, in which two leading vote getters will … [Read more...]

NFL Bag Ban: Created by a D-Bag?

Remember that time a woman snuck a hand grenade hidden inside her Kate Spade purse into an NFL game? Or the time that mom managed to get a machete into a stadium by hiding it in her toddler's diaper bag? Oh wait a minute, those things never happened. Which begs the question: why is the NFL banning women from bringing their purses to games? This ridiculously unnecessary rule change is supposed to be under the guise of "safety" and "line efficiency". To be fair, the rule also applies to backpacks, coolers, computer bags and briefcases. (But who the hell brings a briefcase to a football game??) The NFL insists that if it doesn't have to do bag checks, the line will move faster and … [Read more...]

ESPN Turns Athletes Into Music Superstars

Seahawks QB Josh Freeman, I'll never look at you again without wanting to do the Moonwalk. And you can thank ESPN for that. Just when we thought nothing could top ESPN the Magazine's "Body" issue, then came the "Music" issue, where they've taken some of our favorite athletes and used them to recreate iconic album covers. Don't you dare tell me this isn't genius! Here's another goodie: Trent Richardson. LaMarr Woodley and Marshawn Lynch as Run DMC. (How many of you instantly started rapping all the lyrics to "Tricky" when you saw those pics??!!) For more of ESPN's "Cover Acts" and to vote for your favorite, check out the link the ESPN the Magazine's Music … [Read more...]

8 Things I Learned in Week 3

My reaction to this week's win against Cleveland was almost as lackluster as my excitement leading up to the game. I think I'm still suffering residual effects of Week 1's trauma at MetLife and have yet to fully lift the veil of numbness that overtook me that dark, dark day. I spent most of the game freaking out over CJ Spiller. Not knowing the extent of his injury was torture and being the hypochondriac, overreact-or that I am, I spent the game creating worst case scenarios over four pitchers of beer and generally ignoring my drinking partner's attempts to sort of calm me down (Ladies, you know that men aren't great at that. When we're upset, we don't always want to be told "it'll be … [Read more...]