RGIII…Is There A Deadline On “Operation Patience”?

Being a Packers fan in Chicago is no easy feat. One of the many issues that I face is when a game is “out of market”. If the Bears and Packers are playing at the same time, I get the Bears game. Can you say pissed?  Maybe I need to grab DirecTV so I can have football on my phone. So after a 45 minute wait at Buffalo Wild Wings, I was finally able to see my team and I loved what I saw =). I expected the Packers to beat Washington; because there was no way that we would go 0-2. However, I expected it to be much closer than it was. The final score was 20-38 and Washington didn’t even score until the 3rd Quarter. I would like to think that this is a testament to the Packers superior defense, … [Read more...]

NFL Wives Club: Kristin Cavallari Debuts Fashion Line

We came to know her as "that beeyatch from Laguna Beach." Then, she evolved into "that beeyatch from The Hills." Following a few stints in bad movies and on bad TV shows, Kristin Cavallari has finally found a role we can get behind: designer of fabulous female football fan apparel. It's a venture that makes sense, given her innate fashion sense and the fact that she's literally married to the game. Cavallari is the wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. She recently unveiled her new line, in partnership with Junk Food Clothing, at New York Fashion Week. As for what inspired her to design female fan apparel, she says: "Football is a huge part of my life and fashion is a … [Read more...]

Evolution of the End Zone Dance

Remember back in the day when football players could have fun after they scored a touchdown? I think they called it something like a "touchdown dance"? From T.O.'s pom-pom shake with a cheerleader to Joe Horn's "Can You Hear Me Now" moment, touchdown dances were often times the best part of the game. So leave it to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake to pay tribute to this relic in football history with a little something they call: "The Evolution of End Zone Dancing". … [Read more...]

Eagles v. Redskins: Color Me Shocked

Color Me Shocked Eagles 33, Redskins 27, Monday, September 9, 2013 Going into the game, there was no reason to think the Eagles could win. Sure RGIII is coming off a major injury, but the Skins are the defending NFC East champions opening the season at home against a division rival that went 4-12 last year. Meanwhile, the Eagles have a new head coach,  new offensive and defensive coordinators, a new special teams coach, a new offense, a new 3-4 defensive scheme (with players acquired during a 4-3 era), and a bunch of new players, particularly on defense. So no way the Eagles win this one, right? Not exactly. Stud of the week: there are PLENTY of candidates, believe me … [Read more...]

2013 Week 1 Picks

Trying to choose picks this early in the season is a pain in the ass. All you have to go on is who got traded where this year (useless), rumors (useless), and teams' performance in the preseason (worse than useless). Might as well just flip a coin. Also, can I talk about how much I hate Thursday Night Football?  I understand that the NFL Network wants to be able to broadcast a weekly game, but that doesn't mean it's not bullshit. OK, enough grousing. On to the picks. This week, the Eagles will be coming to DC to open the season on MONDAY Night Football (the only real weeknight for football). Cool Web Dude and I were chatting about the game a few weeks ago, and he opined that … [Read more...]