Saints vs. Failcons: 9 and 2 Close for Comfort!

It was a game the Saints should have and needed to win. Not just because of the undeniable playoff implications or the fact that it was an NFC opponent. They needed to win because the Falcons suck and we hate them. In typical Falcons, Saints fashion, Thursday night's game came down to the wire. It was all a matter of who wanted it more and who would f*ck up less. Sorry Falcons, but we were two for two on your home turf last night. It was thanks in large part to the defense, which held the Falcons to a measly 13 points. And it was also thanks to Sean Payton, whose oft times annoying decisions to ice the kicker turned out to be a genius move. Falcons kicker Matt Bryant missed a 52 … [Read more...]

Saints vs. Jets: 6 and “2” Many Mistakes

Perhaps it was the group of 300 lb. men behind me in Metlife Stadium, all of whom seemed like extras from The Sopranos, or maybe the fact that my toes had been frozen solid since halftime, or that I had seen Drew Brees get put on his back more times than Kim Kardashian (Hey, oh!) but for some reason, the Saints loss to the New York Jets on Sunday took a while to settle in. I never thought they would run away with the game but I certainly thought the Saints were the better team and should win. And yet, they fall short, in shocking fashion. There was no running game to speak of, which I guess had plenty to do with Darren Sproles being out, essentially eliminating our screen game. Run … [Read more...]

Saints vs. Bills: 6 and (Stills the) 1

I'd like to thank the New Orleans Saints for deciding not to do what I had feared, which is make me sweat it out fresh off the bye week against an inferior team like the Bills. Yes the Bills are much improved and were expected to put up a fight. But the Saints are better. Waaaay better, in fact. And they were playing at home which is also known as Sean Payton's playground. No one pushes Big Daddy around on his playground. The Saints' defense seemed very well aware of that fact from the very start. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had his squad were fired up from the first snap. We were relentless with the pass rush, sacking quarterback Thad Lewis four times. He got picked off … [Read more...]

Meet the Chick Behind “Rob Ryan’s Hair”

Despite that heartbreaking setback against the New England Patriots a couple weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints are still in many ways the team to beat in the NFC. They've got all the necessary ingredients to make it to Super Bowl XLIX: Sean Payton, Drew Brees and of course...Rob Ryan's hair. Oh...had you not heard? Saints Defensive Coach Rob Ryan is the Samson of the NFL. His strength and wisdom, deeply "rooted" if you will, within his silver strands of doom flowing from his slightly oversized head. It is indeed a modern marvel, one that has in fact inspired internet memes and its own Facebook fan page, appropriately titled: Rob Ryan's Hair, which currently has more than 16 thousand … [Read more...]

If This Doesn’t Give You Goosebumps, You’re Dead Inside

The NFL launched a contest asking fans to submit videos explaining why they love the game. The winner of the "Together We Make Football" challenge wins a trip to the Super Bowl. And to entice you to sign up, the league got celebrity fans to tape videos explaining their love for the game, including Condoleeza Rice and Rob Lowe. But the first one to make Nola Chick stop in her tracks was this commercial, featuring GMA anchor and Saints fan, Robin Roberts. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Breaking News If that my friends doesn't make you want to adopt a kitten and hug a stranger, you're a lost cause. … [Read more...]