Bills Chick gives thanks

As we round out Week 11 with a 4-6 record, I'm beginning to feel weak. Maybe it's because there are only six weeks of the regular season left, meaning seven dismal football-less months loom. Or, it could be because I've been too poor to attend the bar for two weeks and am suffering from Bills fan withdrawal, an affliction that occurs when you haven't seen a Buffalo logo or made friends with a random fan or heard the "Shout!" song in awhile. But mostly, it's because I'm worried the Bills will end up with a record that inaccurately reflects what this season could have been. So, instead of languishing in our misery, let's give thanks for what we do have. I'm thankful... ...that Buffalo … [Read more...]

Bills/Niners to put up ground fight

It'll be a battle of the running backs when the Bills take on the 49ers in Cali. Some people think San Francisco has this game in the bag because they'll be coming off the hype of last week's trampling of the Jets. I say that Buffalo will be desperate to dry my tears from last week's cruelty and prove that this season is not going to be same old same old, two motivators to come up with a big win. Putting points on the board is No.1 here, but it'll be equally critical that Buffalo's defense takes a look at last week's shenanigans and makes sure it replicates none of them. The Bills gave up 247 yards on the ground against the Patriots and on the flip side, the Niners pounded away for 245 … [Read more...]

Bills get a beating

Patriots: 52 Bills: 28. That was Week 4.  And that massacre/bloodbath/travesty happened at home?! There are really no words. The offense put up a good fight but the hustle that's there when they get a solid running game going was absent. I honestly think Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller were just active for show...which is fine, because I'd rather they not get MORE hurt...but it just gave me false hope. It's like night and day when there's a strong run and air game. Something clearly happened to the defense. It legit shut down. The Patriots outscored the Bills 31 to 7 in the fourth quarter. I don't know what's worse, a blowout from the get go or watching that coveted win slip further … [Read more...]

Bills vs Pats … shades of 2011?

Last year, right around this time, the Buffalo Bills pulled a stunt so unBillievable that the team's lucky its fan base didn't experience a collective heart attack. They beat the Patriots--in a true nail biter, I might add--for the first time since 2003. Let's take a moment to relive that moment by clicking here. Ok, now that we've got that out of our systems (that was intense), is it too risky to dream of a repeat performance this Sunday when the Bills host the Pats at The Ralph? I have jinxing paranoia but there are just some things at play that I can't ignore, and that gives me hope I might be able to relive last year's jumping-on-the-booth-too-overwhelmed-to-breathe moment of … [Read more...]

Meet #BillsMafia

If you're a Bills fan--and even if you're not--you might have noticed the Twitter hashtag "#BillsMafia" attached to football tweets, especially during games. But if you're not a Bills fan--or maybe even if you are--you probably don't know exactly what it means. Turns out, you're not alone. Lifelong Bills fan Del Reid "co-created" the phrase, but he didn't know what it would eventually come to mean, or that what started as a joke between a few Bills tweeters would turn into a full blown movement. "The entire thing was an accident, to be honest. The term 'Bills Mafia' was an inside joke between @bre_88, @leslieanne94, @Billsfan99, @SAINTRHYAN and a few others following our being … [Read more...]