Super Bowl Blackout: You’re Welcome

Oh New Orleans, you did it again! In what would otherwise be considered a snoozer of a Super Bowl, you added a little color. (What? Black is a color!) Without that bizarre power outage in the dome in the 3rd quarter, the highlight of the game would have been Jacoby Jones' touchdown dance a.k.a The Beanie Weenie. I mean, I guess the touchdown itself was cool but the dance? That was just stellar. It seems like when the lights went out in the dome, all the energy transferred to the 49ers. Up until then, they couldn't move the ball or stop the Ravens. After the blackout, they scored 17 unanswered points. It finally gave us fans what we had been waiting for: a competitive football … [Read more...]

This Just In: Bucs Will Suck in ’10

So much for the blind optimism of offseason. The Glazers announced today from the NFL owners' meeting that Bucs fans should expect some blackouts this season.Which means, in so many words, Don't get yer hopes up, Bucaroos! To be fair, every Bucs fan knows that the team is Rebuilding-with-a-capital-R. But darn if the Glazer brothers aren't wringing every drop of hope I had left for a decent 2010. Our prizes of the free agency? A fourth-string receiver and an almost-30-year-old defensive back. Big coaching changes? New receivers coach. Heck, even once-solid punter Josh Bidwell was picked up by the Washington Redskins after spending his last year as a Buc on injured reserve. … [Read more...]

Hellooo in There! Anybody Home?

My, my - it's so quiet in here. So empty. With just around a million tickets left to sell this week, the NFL has blacked out Sunday's Lions game against the Redskins. This means here in Detroit, no one will get to hear or see Matt Stafford's redemption song. After last week, we all kinda wondered if Daunte Culpepper would have been the better choice for QB. But good ol' Jim Schwartz assured us that no, Stafford IS the QB. This isn't a test, nor is it a trial run. Given the fact that the Redskins's kicker scored each one of the 9 points on the board last week, Stafford just might have a chance to deliver....only I won't be able to see it. (Boo hoo!) I have to admit, I was shook to … [Read more...]