The NFC South: A Bastion of Suck

To all the fans of teams in the NFC with winning records, on the outside of the playoffs and looking in, allow me to extend my deepest apologies on behalf of the NFC South. Because the sad reality is that a team from our division could end this season with a 6-10 record, and still make it to the postseason. In fact, an NFC South team could feasibly make it to the postseason, and as Jon Gruden so wisely pointed out during Monday Night Football game, still get a top 10 pick in next year's draft. I realize how infuriating this must be for fans of teams like the Cowboys and Lions, who may have their seasons come to an end in week 16, despite winning as many games as these NFC South … [Read more...]

Plucks, Bucs?, & F*cks

We could start with the f*cks, but then you wouldn't respect us in the morning. So instead, we'll whet your appetite with the taste of tender Cardinals meat. That's right, it's preseason beeyatches. Tonight the Saints give Matt Leinart a reason to o-d on Asti Spumante. … [Read more...]