Bucs vs. Jets: It Could Be Worse

Chicks, this has been a particularly long offseason for the Buccaneers. This time last year, Bucs fans were prepping for a new start.  Greg Schiano was set to begin his first year as an NFL head coach, taking over a team that had mutinied against "players' coach" Raheem Morris the previous year. Offseason news centered around the new stringent discipline in place and the promise of what a new coach might mean to the young team. This offseason, there have been fewer story lines, and less hopeful ones at that. Luckily, though, the Bucs will face the Jets this Sunday, who prove that no matter what the Bucs have been through, it could have been worse. Darrelle Revis May Still … [Read more...]

Reasons to Be Thankful After a Buc Loss

This past Sunday, the 6-4 Buccaneers faced the 9-1 Falcons. For the Bucs, it was the opportunity to prove themselves as legitimate playoff contenders after a string of wins against less impressive foes. However, and no need for a spoiler alert here, the Bucs lost 24-23. Going in, I'd figured that a close game would be something of a moral victory. That the progress made to nearly defeat the best in league just a year removed from a 4-12 season would be enough. Turns out, it's not true. The Bucs played like a team that was equal to the Falcons.  And though they competed until the very last second against a top-tier team, and though last year's Bucs would never have been in this position, … [Read more...]

It’s About Time: Bucs Win In Overtime

Going into yesterday's Panthers game, it was easy to be a little overconfident. The Bucs had a 5-4 record, and had won four of their last five games. Running back Doug Martin was all over national sportscasts, with talking heads who usually seem to forget the Bucs exist ("Wait, you mean that team with the orange uniforms? Vinny Testeverde's team?") proclaiming the newbie as a candidate for Rookie of the Year. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Panthers were coming in at 2-7, having blown several leads over the course of the season, and with the national chatter centering on the sophomore slumping Cam Newton and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad attitude. You can … [Read more...]

Bucs in Playoff Contention: A First Half +1 Recap

Chicks, I have been absent for a while, for reasons having everything to do with a bumpy transition moving back from Paris to the U.S. and nothing to do with the play of your Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Because the Bucs have actually been... dare I say it.. pretty fun to watch lately. So instead of jumping right into this week's game recap as though I've been recapping the season all along, let me offer instead a catch-up. A little "scenes from the last few weeks," if you will. Doug Martin is not a Muscle Hamster, but he is small, fast, and full of muscle, so... The Bucs' rookie running back, who hates his given nickname, has earned points, and praise, and even airtime on national … [Read more...]

Why is the Bucs Offense So Boring?

I was in the stadium when Josh Freeman made his first NFL start. It was way back in November of 2009. The Bucs, in their throwback finest, won for the first time that season under Freeman's leadership, defeating a strong Green Bay Packers team. I remember thinking then that while the team might not always win, with this new quarterback they would at least always be fun to watch. I mean, Freeman was huge, tough, confident. He made plays with his arm like a Buc quarterback hadn't done since, well, before I started watching the team. He made plays with his legs--his enormous, trunk-like legs--rumbling down the field and taking defenders with him. As long as Freeman was in town, it … [Read more...]