Bucs vs. Seahawks: Recap in 40 Words or Less

A recap of the Bucs/Seahawks game--and the 0-8 season in a nutshell--in the form of annotated game-time texts between my dad and me: Bucs lose in overtime. Final score, 24-27. … [Read more...]

It’ll Be A Cold Day In Tampa…

It's a well-known fact that Tampa weather is hot. Hot as hell, even. But this Sunday it was a downright chilly 48 degrees at kickoff of the Bucs/Seahawks game. Unlikely event for the weather to turn that cold this early in the winter, but then this season has been filled with unlikely events. Last year: It'll be a cold day in Tampa when the Bucs can put together another winning season. This year: The most optimistic of fans thought this year's Bucs would win 6 or 7 games, but the Bucs defeated the Seahawks 38-15 giving them at least 9 wins this season. The Bucs also became the first team since 1970's AFL-NFL merger to have a winning record while starting 10 rookies. And somehow, the … [Read more...]

Bucs vs. Seahawks Recap: Happy to Win, But…

The Bucs doubled their wins this weekend, beating the Seahawks 24-7. Like many of the other chicks, a win on Sunday means more to me than just the opportunity to write a upbeat blog post the next day--it means I can happily peruse the post-game wrap-ups for an entire week. But reading various blog comments, I've noticed that there are a number of fans who were disappointed with the win. They fell into two primary camps:  1. See Suh Later. The first camp of displeased Buc fans are those who want a better draft pick. The Bucs and Rams had been tied for the worst record in football with one win apiece. Now the Bucs are tied with the Lions as the second-worst team in the league, and with … [Read more...]

Is Coach Raheem Lost?

Note: This week I'll be foregoing the usual Bucs game preview, because it's the Bucs vs. the Seahawks, and would you really want to read that anyway? Didn't think so. Raheem Morris is giving me a serious case of déjà vu. But the déjà vu has little to do with the Bucs' descent into pre-Dungy putridity and much more to do with the TV show Lost. Let me explain...  I’ve watched Lost since the beginning. The first season of the show was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Not only was it well-written and well-acted, but the idea of a bunch of plane-wrecked castaways stuck on a magical island was so eerily compelling that I couldn't wait to tune in each week. Every episode seemed to bring the … [Read more...]