2013 Week 12 Picks

The Eagles are on bye this week, and that's one more thing to be thankful for, since it seems like about half the team has shown up on the injury report lately. The boys in green will have an extra week to rest up, heal up, and eat lots of turkey with their families and friends. In the meantime, week 12 rages on. My picks this week include: Saints at Falcons: I know the game already took place, but I promise you, I did have the Saints, who almost gave me heart failure when I got home in time to see the end of the 4th quarter. As bad as the Falcons are this year, and as good as the Saints are, it was pretty shocking to see the Falcons with a chance to win it at the end. But … [Read more...]

From Bengals to Bye: Packers Recover From Week 4

When a kiddie pool has more depth than your active roster, it’s time for a bye week. My beloved Packers were dropping like flies Sunday as we handed a gift-wrapped victory to the Cincinatti Bengals.  It began with a seemingly accidental yet powerful blow to Jermichael Finley by Bengals Safety George Iloka…then an injured knee on James Starks (who was starting as a backup to previously injured running back Eddie Lacy). Rookie Johnathan Franklin replaced Starks and rushed for 103 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries in his first regular season NFL appearance. Impressive.  But with four minutes left in the the fourth quarter and the game on the line, Franklin fumbled. The fumble and … [Read more...]

Not everyone got the day off, you know

Stud of the week: my new system for my picks. With the MNF Texans/Colts matchup in progress, I'm 11 for 12 on the week. I was going to tell you how I did it, but Chef Spouse said I should preserve the mystery. So you'll just have to marvel. In other news, it was the week of 2 points:  safeties, made two point conversion attempts, missed two point conversion attempts, you name it. If it was possible to get 2 points in there some way, teams did it. Even when it made no sense, like early in the 3rd quarter. On to the results: Jaguars over Cowboys: I called it. So one of the questions of the week is will there be a coaching change in Dallas? Amazingly, enough other wackadoo stuff … [Read more...]

Picks on the Bye

It's the BYE week edition, and frankly, not a moment too soon. It seems like every year I write a post about how everyone on the team is on "no Madden/Gameboy/World of Warcraft" punishment because Eagles always seem to slump before the bye. So am I crazy? Over-reacting? Guilty of false memory syndrome? Um, no. Andy loses games the week before the bye. He's at .500. Which wouldn't be so odd if it weren't for the fact that he's .620 overall in his coaching career with the Eagles. He really does lose disproportionately prior to the bye, no matter when it lands. On the other hand, the week AFTER the bye? Big Red is perfect, which will really be put to the test this year, with … [Read more...]