Malice in Minnesota: Packers vs. Vikings

Growing up, my Grandmother always told me that if I was going to talk mess, that I had to be willing to stand behind what I said: good or bad. So at the conclusion of the 44-31 Packers victory, only one thing was on my mind…Greg Jennings must face Aaron Rodgers. So they talked...well it was more like Greg talked and Aaron listened. However, it gave me hope that a possible reconciliation was on the horizon. But holding hands and signing “Kumbaya” will in no way, shape, or form change the fact that Christian Ponder is Jennings’ new Quarterback…that is his sad reality. Luckily for Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers is our Quarterback…and boy, what a Quarterback he is! Rodgers is considered one of … [Read more...]

Breaking it to Barber

My dearest Barbarian Marion, I know in the past, on this blog, and other places on the interwebs, I may have said some of the following things: Marion Barber is the reason I love football. Marion Barber is my first favorite football player. Marion Barber wrote "G0d Bless" on the helmet I have, which means we are soul mates. I love Marion Barber. But, well, this is the thing.  I'm MARRIED.  I love you but I'm not IN LOVE with you.  I love you in the football sense.  I never thought I'd have to spell it out like this but now that you're moving to my city (insert Frank Sinatra's Chicago), I have no choice.  You're clearly moving here for me.  Duh. But, hey, don't worry. Listen, … [Read more...]

Da Bears Get an NFC North Championship for Christmas

The Chicago Bears have officially clinched the NFC North.  After a decisive victory against Minnesota, played out on the frozen Tundra in TCF Bank Stadium, the Bears are headed to the playoffs (and old-man Favre is headed to the hospital).  Sure, we may be the dark horse of the playoffs, but we WILL be there.  The division is ours, despite the many, many naysayers who have hated on the Bears this season (looking at you, Bill Cowher). Here's a few highlights from Monday night's game: *Favre got knocked out by a rookie in the first half of the game *Chris Kluwe got booed and eventually kicked the ball to Devin Hester--twice *Hester set a new NFL record for kickoff returns … [Read more...]

In the Most Boring Game Ever Played, Bears Beat Dolphins

Thursday Night football was a total snooze.  There's something about Thursday night football that makes me suspicious as it is.  The NFL network gives off weird 80's vibes that make it feel like I'm watching Monday Night Football circa 1985.  The announcers make jokes that rival the ones your Uncle tells at Thanksgiving.  The camera angles seem somehow off.  And it's Thursday, so it doesn't "feel" like football night. Needless to say, I was ready for a weird night of football.  And Thursday didn't disappoint.  Basically, it was a strange defensive face off.  The Dolphins have a pretty solid defense, and the Bears have an awesome defense.  The first half of the game consisted of no … [Read more...]

Bills fight hard, come up short

Week 8 was not meant to be the week. Not the week for our first win. Not the week to prove my unsubstantiated theory that things with "8" are lucky for me. Especially not the week to fall into the black hole of negativity and hopelessness. That's why I'm not telling you what happened play by play, quarter by quarter, hope by dashed hope. Instead, take a look at what Bills fans went through on Twitter. You'll see excitement, disappointment, support and everything in between. I'm running out of ways to write "We played SO good and ALMOST did it, but we lost" posts, so this will have to do until my genius is awakened. @Stacybadabing34: RT @kirpaul: Wow @StevieJohnson13 makes some insane … [Read more...]