8 Things I Learned in Week 3

My reaction to this week's win against Cleveland was almost as lackluster as my excitement leading up to the game. I think I'm still suffering residual effects of Week 1's trauma at MetLife and have yet to fully lift the veil of numbness that overtook me that dark, dark day. I spent most of the game freaking out over CJ Spiller. Not knowing the extent of his injury was torture and being the hypochondriac, overreact-or that I am, I spent the game creating worst case scenarios over four pitchers of beer and generally ignoring my drinking partner's attempts to sort of calm me down (Ladies, you know that men aren't great at that. When we're upset, we don't always want to be told "it'll be … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chick Chow

Is it bad that I just don't feel like writing a preview for Sunday's Bills-Browns game? The matchup just seems so...lackluster. I'm not saying I expect an easy game or that the Browns couldn't pull out another win like the last pathetically low-scoring meet up a few years ago, but it just doesn't fill me with overwhelming elation and/or dread like other weeks. I'm a little concerned about the offense. Now that it's fired up it needs to maintain the momentum. Movement...down conversion...scoring. Movement...down conversion...scoring. Movement...down conversion...scoring. It just seems like Cleveland's defense has similarly been on a roll with sacks and turnovers. Sigh. I have faith. On … [Read more...]


Soooo of course I was at work all day yesterday and completely missed the game. But I hear my boys did their thing! (No, not that thing where the Kid with the Golden Arm throws hella INTs and they eventually lose.) I mean, they came from behind, fought to the literal last second, (0:00), and pulled out a W! Seriously folks, that's cause for football fans everywhere to raise their glasses in celebration. I heard some new stat about Stafford now being the youngest player to throw five touchdown passes. Whew! You had me worried, there kid...I'm not sure that this negates our other eight or so losses this season, esp. since you went and injured your shoulder with these heroics, but … [Read more...]

Bears Beat Browns in High School Scrimmage/NFL Game

After two weeks of dismal losses, I was excited to see some of my favorite Bears show up for game day this week (namely, the defense). That said, I'm not sure how much of today's victory can be attributed to our defense vs. how much can be attributed to the Cleveland Browns' sheer offensive ineptitude. Not that we Bears were much better, especially in the first quarter. I haven't seen two teams fight so hard to convert a first down since I was in high school watching a scrimmage game. I'm happy that we managed to get some offensive drives together during the second half. I'm also happy that our QB, Jay Cutler, is such a stud. Unlike some pansies in the league (rhymes with Dom Rady), … [Read more...]

No Sacks… The Pack is Back

Looking back is never easy. Especially when you've got an encounter with an ex-boyfriend the upcoming weekend, but I'll do my best to stay focused on the Packers 31-3 win over the Cleveland Brown's this past Sunday. The game went as expected. We held them to a mere field goal, and the offense was able to test their legs by bringing on the running game in a big way. Ryan Grant sped off a season-high 148 yards on the ground, which included 100 on 15 carries (6.7) in the second half. And though we dominated on foot, let's not forget that the Rodgers/ Drivers duo controlled the airways as well. Rodgers completed 15 out of 20 passes for 246 yards and three touchdowns. Driver added a … [Read more...]