From Bengals to Bye: Packers Recover From Week 4

When a kiddie pool has more depth than your active roster, it’s time for a bye week. My beloved Packers were dropping like flies Sunday as we handed a gift-wrapped victory to the Cincinatti Bengals.  It began with a seemingly accidental yet powerful blow to Jermichael Finley by Bengals Safety George Iloka…then an injured knee on James Starks (who was starting as a backup to previously injured running back Eddie Lacy). Rookie Johnathan Franklin replaced Starks and rushed for 103 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries in his first regular season NFL appearance. Impressive.  But with four minutes left in the the fourth quarter and the game on the line, Franklin fumbled. The fumble and … [Read more...]

Why The Detroit Lions Are Already Over Jason Hason

It's hard to fill the shoes of a kicker that's been around for more than 20 years. Well, it's usually hard. But the Detroit Lions may have found the perfect answer to replace Jason Hanson, who retired last season. Check out 28-year-old Havard Rugland, a.k.a. "Kickalicious." He's a YouTube sensation and when you check out these moves, you'll see why. Rugland is a former soccer player from Norway but his new home is with the Lions. He just signed a deal with the team to compete with David Akers for the starting job. … [Read more...]

Bills get first win!

After eight excruciating weeks, the Buffalo Bills finally crawled out of their winless hole with yesterday's 14-12 victory over the Detroit Lions. No longer are we "the only winless team in the NFL." Yes, it might only be one win, but we're not holding on to that perfect record anymore, so everyone can feel free to show us some support anytime they're ready. One win, eight wins, a win is a win--and we got one! Sorry to disappoint you, though, my reaction wasn't what you'd expect from me. I didn't go crazy, didn't jump around and didn't really even yell. A quick clap and "yeah, boys!" and that was that. It might have been because I didn't want to disturb the cat snoozing so adorably on my … [Read more...]

All’s Well That Ends Well

After last weeks embarrassing shut out loss to Green Bay, I was pretty sure that the ultra talented Lions would prove a gigantor stumbling block for the Jets. I told anyone who would listen that I was truly hoping this wasn't going to be like last season-where they would win three in a row, then lose the next three-et cetera and so on. Nick Folk's foot made sure this wouldn't happen. He was good on 36 yard FG to tie the game at the end of the fourth quarter, and the 30 yard that won it. Mark Sanchez actually woke up at the right time. After an Edwards fumble that put Detroit up, and throwing a pick that lead to a score himself, he was able to bring his team back and put them in a … [Read more...]

Talk About Second Chances!!!

Rewind two years ago: It was the day before Lions training camp, July 2010, and the team had to make a huge announcement. Although linebacker Caleb Campbell was in their rookie draft class, the U.S. Army had decided that he could not play football. As a West Point graduate, there was a little bitty military commitment that took precedence. What's even more crazy is that the team knew before Caleb did! Not to disrespect the importance of service to our country...but way to crush his hopes and dreams! And why wait until he landed in Detroit to tell this man, that no, he had to serve two years' active duty instead. (I'm sure it wasn't too bad for him though - ladies love a man in uniform, be … [Read more...]