Obviously, the Cowboys Are Super Bowl Bound

It's week 1. Tony Romo had a decent game. The Cowboys defeated the defending Super Bowl champs. What better time than the present to, in the words of the great Dennis Green, "crown their asses"? After all, they've been declared Super Bowl contenders in years past having accomplished much less. Yes, I'm being a sarcastic schmuck. Still, I realize it would be foolish not to commend Dallas' team for making a major statement in the NFL opener. They marched into New York and embarrassed Eli and company on a night that was supposed to be ALL Giants, ALL the time. Even though the game started painfully slow, it was the Cowboys who first caught a whiff of momentum and never let up. Who … [Read more...]

Finally, FINALLY…Football

I saw a promo for Wednesday's NFL opener featuring the Giants and Cowboys and I'm pretty sure it made me want to make out with somebody. (Don't flatter yourself, Tony Romo. This isn't about you.) This is about the 7 month drought from my first love. This is about that time of year that makes me avoid getting too wasted on Saturdays so that I'm not too hung over on Sunday. This is about obsessing over my fantasy team, only to come in third place AGAIN to some broad who named her squad after her favorite color nail polish and used auto-draft. It's football season!!! I'm so happy I could raise the roof, except I'm pretty sure it's not quite retro enough to be considered hip and ironic. … [Read more...]

The Super Bowl…Through A Woman’s Eyes?

Fact: On Sundays in the Fall, many women would much rather spend their Sundays predicting the plot line of a movie with a title like "If Not For the Love of My Child: A Woman's Pain. A Lifetime Original Movie" than flipping back and forth between NFL Countdown and FOX NFL Sunday. Fact: Some women call themselves football fans when they rarely watch games, couldn't name more than five players on "their team" and wouldn't know a first down from a fourth down. Fact: Some women just watch the Super Bowl in the hopes that a dude who looks like this will be in a commercial. And hey...can you blame em? But here's another fact: A large percentage of women will watch Super Bowl 46 … [Read more...]

The Chicks in the Huddle “WOW” the Redskins

It's been a big year for our website and things just keep getting better. Chicks in the Huddle was recently profiled on the Washington Redskins' female fan site "Women of Washington." It's part of their ongoing series featuring successful women in business. (We're successful women in business? Who knew!) Here's a link to the Women of Washington (WOW) interview with yours truly, Nola Chick, where I discuss everything from taking part in the NFL's fit for you campaign to what it's been like running a female football fan website. And even if you're not a Redskins fan, cruise around the site while you're there for tips on everything from fitness and fashion to interviews with NFL wives. … [Read more...]

Michael Jackson’s Daughter is a Football Chick

While we can't confirm whether Paris Jackson and her famous father Michael share the same DNA, one thing is for certain: they've both got the moves! According to TMZ, Paris has signed on to play football with her school's flag football team. In fact, 13 year old Paris is the exclusive private school's very first gridiron girl. How refreshing that it seems like this Paris will turn out much more well rounded than that other famous Paris in Hollywood. Plus, if Paris Jackson happens to get tackled to the ground by a guy, odds are that unlike that Hilton girl, she'll have all her clothes on! **Please show this website your support by voting for Chicks in the Huddle as Shape Magazine's … [Read more...]