Bills/Niners to put up ground fight

It'll be a battle of the running backs when the Bills take on the 49ers in Cali. Some people think San Francisco has this game in the bag because they'll be coming off the hype of last week's trampling of the Jets. I say that Buffalo will be desperate to dry my tears from last week's cruelty and prove that this season is not going to be same old same old, two motivators to come up with a big win. Putting points on the board is No.1 here, but it'll be equally critical that Buffalo's defense takes a look at last week's shenanigans and makes sure it replicates none of them. The Bills gave up 247 yards on the ground against the Patriots and on the flip side, the Niners pounded away for 245 … [Read more...]

Bills vs Pats … shades of 2011?

Last year, right around this time, the Buffalo Bills pulled a stunt so unBillievable that the team's lucky its fan base didn't experience a collective heart attack. They beat the Patriots--in a true nail biter, I might add--for the first time since 2003. Let's take a moment to relive that moment by clicking here. Ok, now that we've got that out of our systems (that was intense), is it too risky to dream of a repeat performance this Sunday when the Bills host the Pats at The Ralph? I have jinxing paranoia but there are just some things at play that I can't ignore, and that gives me hope I might be able to relive last year's jumping-on-the-booth-too-overwhelmed-to-breathe moment of … [Read more...]

NFL 2012, you are finally here

The new season is officially here! As soon as I woke up on Monday after the Super Bowl, I rejoiced. NFL 2011, peace out. I'd say it's been nice but I'd be lying. It was kind of nice for a little bit and then it got really bad, really fast, and I still don't think I've fully recovered. I'm ready for a fresh start and positive change. But all that is a long way off. A little more than a month until free agency chatter heats up, two months-ish until the draft, then three months-ish until preseason gets into full swing--what to do until then?! With few specifics to comment on yet, here are 8 general things I'm looking forward to about NFL 2012. 1) Getting my favs back. I've seriously … [Read more...]

Bills shut out Redskins

Ohhh, 23-0 is such a beautiful score, especially when the Bills are on the winning side! The Bills recorded their first shut out since 2006 when they demolished the Redskins at home in Toronto this week. Games with no points on one side of the board can be boring, yes, but this particular game was anything but dull. In fact, it's the first time I actually KNEW we would win the game and I've never felt so relaxed. It was amazing. I even reclined on the couch for a bit instead of kneeling in front of the TV (or at the bar) a hyper jumble of bipolar energy. This win was critical for so many reasons. My sanity. The Bills' morale (and record). To sustain our tied position with New England … [Read more...]

Bills Ground Vick and the Eagles

What do you get when you take two NFL teams with reputations on the line, add in five takeaways by one of them, throw in a top rusher and garnish it with opportunistic penalties? In Week 5, that recipe equaled a 31-24 victory for the Buffalo Bills over the Philadelphia Eagles. Sunday was all about establishing the run and, apparently, the defense again forcing a record number of turnovers by a veteran QB (Vick and Brady both threw four against the Bills). What's more exciting than starting a game off with a touchdown? Starting a game off with an interception that sets up that touchdown, which is what happened when Alex Carrington batted one of Vick's passes on the Eagles' opening drive and … [Read more...]