Guess who’s back? The Bills are back…

OTAs started this week and that means...well, what does that mean? I'm obviously intelligent enough to understand that it's a chance for coaches to see what they're working with this season and for players to show coaches (and each other) what they've got. Coaches start brainstorming who might play where, see what combinations work well and for players to get a jump start familiarizing themselves with new plays, formations, etc. But I don't get why fans get so excited about it. I consider myself a "die hard fan" to reference the cliche, but I just can't bring myself to be more than mildly interested in what happens during these practice sessions, much less read in anticipation every update … [Read more...]

The draft is coming… cue the over-hyped media coverage and crowd of sexy expectant college ballers hoping to be crowned an NFL rookie. Since I'm in no way an expert and haven't been reading all that much Bills news in an effort to preserve my sanity and make it through the offseason with only a minor case of football-withdrawal-depression, I really don't know what One Bills drive is scheming for April 22. But, I can give you some links with way more information than I care to decipher along with what I personally think we need to address (not that anyone really pays attention to me, right?) -We need protection for the offensive line but I wouldn't count on the draft to produce that. It might give … [Read more...]

Hit it and Quit it (really just quit it)

I can usually come up with a slew of "Hit its" that are really just my attempt at keeping us Bills fans sane and upbeat and away from the dark hole of giving up. But I really don't know if I'll be able to come up with more than one or two this week. That's not me slipping back into the negativity I've broken away from, it's just me keepin' it real. Let's play. Hit it! Aaron Schobel. Your 3 sacks tied your career high. Your two forced fumbles had great potential to turn the game in our favor (or at least put some points on the board) but it's not your fault nothing came of them. Please don't retire. We still need you. Don't you wanna see the playoffs as Bill before you leave? It could … [Read more...]

Bills in T.O. … let’s go!

Ahh is it time for football again already?! I'm not complaining--football three days a week is better than two--but I hope the Bills are more rested than I am. Facing the Jets in Toronto at a sold-out Rogers Centre, I can only hope we have a less agida-inducing version of the last match up, with the same outcome plus a larger gap between the score...aka let's win but let's win big. Even though Sunday's game was pretty magnificent in Bills world (and Bills Chick's easily excitable head), I still stand by my new approach to the season--as long as we play good and continue to improve, I'm happy. That being said, here's what the Bills should do to make my Friday morning a little less full of … [Read more...]