Chick Chow: Roasted Falcon, Gamey But Good For The Soul

Ever go to a fancy-schmancy restaurant but vacillate on what to order? Seems like Sean Payton had the same dilemma recently, but in the end settled on the perfect meal, Roasted Falcon. It's a tender dish, but if the bird is not plucked, boiled, and cooked properly, it can lend a gamey taste. I recently read how our darling boys, Curtis Lofton and Junior Galette, adore plucking them Falcon meat so fear not, the Saints' defense will be ready come Sunday. My prediction for Sunday's game? Saints 34, Falcons 17. Today, I offer you my homemade re-creation of Roasted Falcon, using turkey, but you can also substitute it with duck or chicken as well. Who's going to know the difference--falcons, … [Read more...]

Softshell Crabtree and Melted Gore Smores

If there is one team Drew Brees must just looooove seeing on the schedule, it's those boys by the bay. Drew Brees is 4-0 in his career against the 49ers. That's a comforting stat for us Saints fans who lived through the dark, desolate eras with matchups against Steve Young and Joe Montana. But why bring up old sh*t... The stars of today's 49ers team include guys like running back Frank Gore and wide receiver Michael Crabtree. Doesn't exactly strike the same fear in your heart like when Jerry Rice was hitting the field. Still, we'll show them the respect of putting a target on their backs when the boys in Black and Gold head west to take on their long lost division rival. We'll be … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chow: Smothered Ribs, Corn on the Kolb, and Smashed Garcia Potatoes

This season is just getting better and better for us Saints fans. First, we entered the season with snacking on the Detroit Lions and now we get to feast on the Philadelphia Eagles and their plethora of quarterbacks. The timing of all of this is perfect since Michael Vick will be sidelined for one more game so at least we do not have to game plan for him and I will take an injured Donovan McNabb over a healthy one any day of the week. Since we do not know yet who will be the quarterback, I have given you a trifecta of dishes: smothered ribs, corn on the Kolb, and Smashed Garcia Potatoes. Smothered Donovan McRibs 4-5 pounds of pork spare ribs 1 Tablespoon of salt 1 Tablespoon of garlic … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chow: Shrimpy Stafford Bites

As I sit here and contemplate this week's recipes, I feel a rumble in my stomach and that churning is for some football: not the Combine, not Draft Day, not mini-camp, not training camp, and definitely not the preseason, but real live hitting play-for-keeps football. The season is finally upon us and much to my culinary and football delight, the Saints face the hapless Detroit Lions this Sunday in the Superdome. What more could a Mother Hen ask for? Not to diss Lions Chick who is a rookie like her quarterback, but I suggest that her little shrimpy Stafford from Georgia should spend his time Sunday knitting that sweater as I hear it gets mighty cold up there in Detroit. And, Calvin Johnson? … [Read more...]

Chick Chow: The Upset Special

Oh, so you thought just cause the Saints are out of the playoffs we Chicks would just bury our beaks in the sand until draft day? Au contraire mo fo. You see there's still a lot on the line for our team: A QB record, pride, and the thrill of defeating a division rival in desperate need of a win to secure the #2 spot in the NFC and a first round playoff bye. (Our Lady of Spoilers, pray for us.) … [Read more...]