Lynch to get lost?

There are rumors. I love rumors. They provide entertainment, drama and when they pan out in my favor, even better. The latest Bills rumor around town is that RB Marshawn Lynch may be traded, with the most recent report being the Seattle Seahawks are interested. Buffalo Sports Daily reported that Jason LaConfora of tweeted what many Bills fans (myself obviously included) have been vehemently hoping for all last season and this off season. "Seahawks remain quite interested in Marshawn Lynch should Bills opt to deal him. Would make sense." -LaConfora They want him? They can have him! Please, please, please take him off our hands. This is BillsChick begging. We have Freddy J … [Read more...]

Former Bill to help new team suck

Some people are rejoicing (maybe), others are wincing, it all depends on how you look at the Seahawks' recent acquisition of J.P. Losman, the former Bills QB that did absolutely nothing but sink us deeper into our losing slump. Losman agreed to a $630,000 one-year contract with the Seahawks, joining three-time Pro Bowl QB Matt Hasselbeck who at 34, is entering the final season of his contract. First, Losman's salary seems low overall but high for what he's worth as a QB. In his only full season as a starter in 2006, Losman threw 19 TDs and 14 interceptions with Buffalo. Then we drafted Trent Edwards, who seemed like a promising replacement until...well, he wasn't. Losman went … [Read more...]

B^2 recap: The Bills might finally have, like, an actual team…

Sunday's game against the Bucs couldn't have played out much better--the sun was shining, the defense was operating in serious beast mode, the offense actually looked like, well, an offense, Twitter was atwitter with GO BILLS love and I was enjoying a nice pile of traditional homemade wings (Frank's hot sauce=true Buffalo style). Yes, it was pretty much the perfect football Sunday but there was one thing that would have made it absolutely perfect, and that's if I was actually at Ralph Wilson Stadium to experience our electrifying and minimally stressful home opener. Now, it does seem like every game I go to we end up losing, so maybe it's better that I wasn't actually there...but I have to … [Read more...]