Justin Tuck and Some Celebrities Played Pool…

...and I, Jets Chick, was on the red carpet to take it all in. With an all star cast of teammates including , other NFL players including Ryan Grant, and several Hollywood and reality tv types like Cake Boss Buddy Velastro, and Vivica Fox, the event was chock full of celebrities ready to rack balls for a good cause. Anthony Anderson played host for the night, and is clearly on a weight loss regimen. He looks great! Professional pool player and avid football fan Jeanette "Black Widow" Lee was also on hand, and she talked about being a Raiders fan and teaching her girls football. Vivica Fox and Hannah Storm were also on hand and talked about how they both grew up following sports, … [Read more...]

Let the Madness Begin

As if three crushing losses to end the season wasn't enough, the Jets are now smack dab in the middle of imploding. At first it was pretty funny to me. You know, since after having my Christmas ruined I decided I would never root for the Jets again. The more I think about it though, the more I realize, these people are more insane than we fans are. Some interesting things are afoot over there in New Jersey. Very interesting. Brian Schottenheimer has informed the Jets he wont be returning next season. Since most fans have been calling for his head for a few seasons now, they're probably happy. I have to question someone leaving their gig without being fired after losing out on a … [Read more...]

Bart Scott’s Can’t Wait Grand Prix

I took off my emo, "I can't believe y'all got beaten like that by the Eagles yesterday" pants long enough to go to Bart Scott's Can't Wait Grand Prix Charity fundraiser for Eric Legrand. All funds raised went to the "A Son Never Forgets Foundation" founded in 2006, and dedicated to encouraging people affected by spinal cord injuries by providing resources during rehabilitation. If you don't know who this amazing young man is, he is a former Rutgers football player that suffered a severe spinal injury during a game in October 2010, and was paralyzed from the neck down. Scott and his teammates, along with some very generous donors raced go carts around the Pole Position Raceway in New … [Read more...]

Easy Flight

The Jets have spent the past three games playing well against not so worthy opponents for about 50 minutes. Two of the three victories have been somewhat lopsided, and people (suits on tv and fans more rabid than I will ever be) are talking playoffs again. That's great on the surface, but the truth is the Jets only seem to be showing out against teams with bad records. This week was no exception, and against the 4-7 Chiefs, they came out like gangbusters, scoring on their first drive of the game. They then punted for the next three drives, and the defense held KC to a field goal. Then it started getting ugly. Not in the "I can't watch this" way, but more in the "they sure are … [Read more...]

Tebow Walks

I woke up today feeling really good about life. It lasted all the way until I got to my favorite bakery to get my raisin danish. Then it hit me. The Jets lost to the Broncos last night. I saw it coming. Told anyone who would listen they probably wouldn't come out victorious. Sometimes I hate being right. It all goes back to one blessed play. That nifty pick 6 Sanchez threw in the third quarter. I'm not sure why I stuck around to watch the fourth. Glutton for punishment? My favorite Bronco (and CrossFitter) Knowshown Moreno is out for the season, so it wasn't to see what he was going to do. The Jets defense was looking tired. You know, because there was no offense to … [Read more...]