A PSA to Saints Fans Mourning Traded “Hotties”

Attention all female Saints fan... It's your new friend Sassy Chick. Pull up a chair. Let's chat. Yes, football players are fine as sin. I used to watch Terrell Owens warm up because oooohhh weeee but once the clock started, it's all football and I was hoping that our CBs knocked his block off. The ONLY way that would have changed is if he was in black and gold. With that said, if y'all don't stop whining about cute players getting cut your fan card is getting pulled. Kenny Stills was cute in an "uber metro, refuse to let go of the Honey Badger 2013 blonde Mohawk" kind of way but your local grocery bagger is cute too. Are you going to cry when he quits? If you're a Jimmy fan or a … [Read more...]

The Saints’ Jimmy Graham Gives ‘Em Something to Talk About

Maybe you call him "Money Graham" or "Golden Graham" or maybe you're super obnoxious like me and you say his name like that "South Park" character Timmy every time he touches the ball.. . "Jimmmmaaaaaaaaaay!" Whatever your preference, there is no doubt that if you're a Saints fan, you just can't get enough of Drew Brees' new go-to-guy. Tight end Jimmy Graham has quickly made a name for himself around the league. Maybe it's because he plays with an intensity that seems to channel the spirit of bad boys past like Kyle Turley or even his predecessor, Jeremy Shockey. Maybe it's because he makes up for every dropped ball with a clutch catch that puts his team in a position to win. Or … [Read more...]

Saints vs Jaguars: Not On My Watch

On October 1, 2011, the Jacksonville Jaguars were 8-0 against the NFC South. Then came October 2, 2011... The New Orleans Saints rolled into Jacksonville being heavily favored to win against one of the sorriest teams in the league. Those are the games that scare me most. It's not because the Saints don't have what it takes to win. I know what my team is capable of. What frightens me is that I'm never sure what road they'll have me travel as a fan whilst I watch them play to the level of their sorry ass opponent. Early on in the game, with the Saints opening up a 14-0 can of whip-ass on Florida's least popular team (Sorry, Mike!)*, I felt like we'd be getting the "unofficial bye … [Read more...]