Saints vs Texans: 5 Things We’re Gonna NEED to See

Let's be real for a moment, Saints fans. A preseason game versus the Texans is sort of like going to an open bar and discovering that all that's left is Michelob Ultra and soda (a.k.a. "cold drinks", for my Nola folks.) You wouldn't exactly say you're excited about Michelob Ultra. But what are you gonna do? Not drink? As if... So, since you're going to watch this game anyways, they might as well make it count! Here's what we're gonna need to see to ease the pain of preseason. 1. Drew Brees scoring touchdowns It's great to know that Garrett Hartley has rediscovered how to get it through the uprights but honestly, I want no parts of field goals tomorrow. Drew struggled last … [Read more...]

Un-effing-believable: Colston Out 4-6 Weeks

Well Saints fans, it looks like the fate of our offense will literally be in the hands of Devery Henderson, Lance Moore and David Patten for the next month and a half. According to the Associated Press, Marques Colston had surgery on his left thumb and will be out until at least week five of the NFL season. Hating it! … [Read more...]