Marques Colston Does it Again

Marques Colston has long been adored for Saints fans. He's one of the team's top wide receivers. He's the author of his own children's book. And he looks like this in a bathtub. Yet even with all that, Colston has found a way to out-marvelous himself. Today he's hand-delivering a check for $103,000 to Children's Hospital of New Orleans. The money will be put toward the purchase of a portable X-ray system for infants in the Neonatal ICU. A hospital spokesman told that the unit would help drastically reduce the number of newborn's exposed to radiation. So in case you were wondering, there are still some good-guys left in the NFL. … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chow: Buffalo Wings and a Prayer

A Prayer to the Great Chick in the Sky This week we head up to Buffalo and meet the Bills, Please let us go in for the kill. May Reggie run north and south And, I promise that Nola Chick won't run her mouth. Allow Colston to catch many touchdown passes, Showing T.O. that he needs to return to receiver classes. Inspire P.T. To run for his life And, I'll agree to become his wife. Give Sharper a chance to make more INTs And, let Drew's day be a record-setting brees. This is our year to go to the Promised Land. So, please give us a hand. As an offering, I give you buffalo wings and this pray'r And, let us Saints fans not have any cares. Buffalo Wings 3 pounds … [Read more...]

A Marques to Marvel

"Faster than a speeding Barber. More powerful than a Loco-Manning. Able to leap tall defenders in a single bound. Look, up on the ad, It's a bird, It's a plane, 'It's Super Marques!" Marques Colston has gone all "cover boy" on us. The Saints wide receiver is one of 3 NFL standouts featured in a new Marvel Comic inspired ad for Eastbay. Patriots Running Back Laurence Maroney, Bears Receiver Mushin Muhammad, and Colston are featured as their alter egos "The Burn," "Polar Blaze," & "The Grip." Colston wasted no time getting his grip on the NFL. The Rookie receiver finished the 2006 season with 8 touchdowns and 70 receptions for over 1,000 yards, impressive numbers particularly since he … [Read more...]