Chick Chow: Falcon Pot Pie (Michael) Turner-overs

I hate the Falcons. Hate. Them. I hate them more than I hate Tony Hayward of BP “Let’s Spread Our Oil on Louisiana” fame. I hate them more than New Orleans’ former “Recovery Zsar” Ed Blakely. I hate them more than than I hate Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown. And, I'm still debating whether or not I hate them as much as I hate Roger Goodell. I just googled the word “hate” because I find myself at a loss to describe how I detest those nasty, stinking pigeons from that other Southern city and wanted to see how other sites define hate. And, you know what the third hit was?  A Saints fan hating those foul Falcons. Third hit--even before the Southern Poverty Law Center’s description of … [Read more...]

Bucs vs. Falcons Preview: Buy Buc on Black Friday

Thanksgiving Thursday is over, and now it's time to shop. For those of you who are out there this weekend taking advantage of the big sales and kicking our economy into gear, here are a few big ticket items you might consider buying in honor of this Sunday's Bucs game against the Atlanta Falcons. NEW ITEM! Supersize Quarterback--Josh Freeman comes in at a giant 6'6" 248 pounds, but don't worry, he moves around well and has a knack for avoiding defenders. Features: strong arm, fast feet, confidence, good decision-making ability Downsides: rookie mistakes, prone to fumble-itis, only 50% effective in passing game User Review: This quarterback looks like he's going to be a great … [Read more...]

Go to h*** Carolina (c) Dook

So...Falcons Fans were excited because our Defense looked amazing last week, its a new season we're amped to see what it'll bring and how everything develops, PLUS two home games in a row. Despite the fact that downtown Atlanta is under water (not literally, but 3 inches of rain!) Falcons Fans still showed up to support the dirty birds!!! Now... my top 4 moments: TD pass to Tony Gonzalez TD pass to Jason Snelling TD pass to Michael Turner TD rush by Roddy White Yeah :-)  It was a good day. Now, Carolina sucked it up last week (sorry guys but you did) and yet despite it, we don't take ANY conference game lightly.  I mean no game should be taken lightly, but especially not a … [Read more...]

Tasty Orange Turnover

And for dessert...4 tasty orange turnovers prepared by our new head chef Mike Peterson! Mwahahahahahahha- Tooooooold yall :-) FalconsChick was very excited to watch this game, and see our defense be dynamic. Before all the hardcore fans come at me citing that our secondary needs work, I know. Hopefully before we play a team with good pass offense we'll have put some work in.  Our offense looked niiiice, who caught Tony G line up and block? He's going to definitely confuse defenses. I only hope that Matt doesn't forget about Turner, Norwood, and gang...keep it versitile and with minimal tendencies. Lastly what was probably  most noticable was the kicking game *sigh* Jason Elam missed 3 … [Read more...]

Fish Food

The pre-season is over? is? Oh so this came counts? So that means we're gonna show up and show out...yeaaaah. Falcons fans have been waiting for this game since we got Tony Gonzalez, lets be honest. Pre-season is cute but we're impatient here in Atlanta (You know this if you've ever driven on any interstate in the Metro area) and we're ready for some FOOTBALL! This sunday at 1 we're playing the Miami Dolphins in the Georgia Dome. *sigh* Can you just give us this W now so we can not skip church to fight game day traffic? Lets look at the obvious-our strength is our Offense. We have 5 players in the top 100 of the NFL according to the AJC: Tight end Tony Gonzalez (10th), … [Read more...]