Steelers Redeem Themselves (Against the Seahawks)

The Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) won big-time against the Seattle Seahawks (0-2), routing them 24-0 at their home opener. The Steelers have officially proven themselves the wine drinkers, not the grape stompers, today. Thank you for that analogy, Mike Tomlin. You really are a lord among press conferences. In even better news for us Steelers fans, the Baltimore Ravens, who kicked the Steelers' asses so soundly last week, lost to the Tennessee Titans, and I would just like one tiny opportunity to revel in this moment. Ahhh. Okay. Thanks for that. The Football Universe is now back to normal. The Seahawks couldn't produce a single point against the stingy Steelers defense, who bounced … [Read more...]

Steelers Rout Buccaneers in 38-13 Win

So much for worrying about whether or not the Pittsburgh Steelers can win without their $102 million franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Charlie Batch, the Steelers fourth-string quarterback, did his share to rout the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and help the team remain undefeated. He completed 12 out 17 passes for 186 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. (The second one occurred toward the end of the game when the outcome was pretty much decided. But the first one wasn't so good.) You'd be hard-pressed to find a Steelers fan who isn't a fan of Batch, who was born in Homestead, Pennsylvania. His future with the team was uncertain going into this season ... just imagine if they had … [Read more...]

Holmes to the Jets While Decision About Big Ben Looms

Jeez, what a crazy off-season. And not really in a good way. It's official: Wide receiver Santonio Holmes, the Super Bowl XLIII MVP (wow, that seems like eons ago), has been traded to the New York Jets. Even though there were reports of new evidence that a witness took responsibility for throwing a drink in a woman's face at a club in Florida, the Steelers still wanted the guy to go. Apparently, Holmes faces a four-game suspension in 2010 for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. In light of this, the Steelers were looking to get rid of him anyway. In the past, he was charged with marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, and choking his ex-girlfriend, though the charges were … [Read more...]

Can We Make the Playoffs?

The answer, in short, is yes -- provided A LOT of things happen first. What's most important? Um, winning tomorrow. After the Steelers' exciting one-point win during the final seconds against the Green Bay Packers last week, they may have the momentum to get them through a tough division rival on the road to the playoffs. Then again, the Baltimore Ravens are looking better and better. Safety Troy Polamalu is still unfortunate, he really would've been utilized for an important game like this. This game is full of interesting facets, to say the least. The Steelers almost beat the Ravens with their backup QB, Dennis Dixon. The Ravens also faced a mid-season slump, losing 5 of … [Read more...]

Ah, Ford Field

Some good memories. The Steelers do like to keep it exciting, no matter what affect it has on my health, it seems. The boys in black and gold were able to pull out a W. Big Ben looked great, save one mistake, a really stupid interception that the Lions ran in for a TD. Thank God it wasn't Foote who got that INT. Mendenhall ran for 77 yards, and then pretty much disappeared in the second half. Bruce Arians, the offensive coordinator, took the blame for that, saying they got "greedy" and tried going for passes since they were scoring so quickly. Good one. The thought of, hey, we have the lead, let's run the ball and therefore run the clock, apparently didn't enter this guy's head. I think … [Read more...]