Bucs vs. Bucs: Must-Win at Pats

The Buccaneers head to New England to face off against the Patriots today. Though most years this would be a battle easily won by Tom Brady and his team, the Patriots are a weakened bunch, as Brady has lost his top targets. Wide receiver Wes Welker is gone, as is a certain tight end with off-the-field issues who shall remain nameless. Current Pats wide receiver Danny Amendola and tight end Rob Gronkowski will likely still be benched with injuries this week (Amendola is listed as doubtful, Gronkowski as questionable). On the other side of the ball, the Bucs' defense has been playing well, with an improved pass rush (they racked up 4 sacks on Drew Brees last week) and a hard-hitting … [Read more...]

Bills get a beating

Patriots: 52 Bills: 28. That was Week 4.  And that massacre/bloodbath/travesty happened at home?! There are really no words. The offense put up a good fight but the hustle that's there when they get a solid running game going was absent. I honestly think Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller were just active for show...which is fine, because I'd rather they not get MORE hurt...but it just gave me false hope. It's like night and day when there's a strong run and air game. Something clearly happened to the defense. It legit shut down. The Patriots outscored the Bills 31 to 7 in the fourth quarter. I don't know what's worse, a blowout from the get go or watching that coveted win slip further … [Read more...]

Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl!

It was an ugly game, and some question whether or not the Patriots deserve to go.  They won= they deserve it. This won't be an eloquent breakdown of the game- I'm just way to excited for that.  We won!!!!  Somehow, even when Tom Brady himself said he sucked, we won!! Our offense wasn't amazing.  Our defense was making giving me fits.  But we made plays when necessary, we stopped the Ravens when we needed to. And Sterling Moore.  Welcome to New England!  A couple big plays at the end of the game saved it for the Patriots. Especially that TD strip on Lee Evans. ??Vince Wilfork also came up big for the defense. I do feel bad for Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff.  He had a chance to send the … [Read more...]

Dear Patriots

Dear Patriots, This letter was not easy to write, as I love and adore my team.  But the last two games have had me wondering… What on this green Earth is going on with you????  I mean, it’s like aliens came down and replaced my team with lesser quality pod people.  Losing to the Steelers in one thing, but the Giants.  You let Eli Manning win the game in the last seconds??  You let Eli Manning steal Tom Brady’s move??  My head would’ve met the desk had there been a desk in the area at the time. And this Sunday Night, it’s the Jets.  Mark Sanchez may kinda suck now, but we can’t count on him to suck in order to win this game.  And win we must!   Both offense and defense must step … [Read more...]

This Week in Patriots News

You’ll find what I have to say about Sunday surprising. Nothing. I have no comment on that matter.  It’s actually easy to pretend it didn’t happen when I couldn’t watch the game.  It’s the one downside of moving out of New England.  Anyway… I’m sure the Patriots will have something to say this coming Sunday when they take the field against the Giants at home.   Both teams have the same record (5-2), and have their issues.  I’m hoping that the Giants continue their trend of mediocrity and that the Patriots figure out their defense. The Patriots have release CB Leigh Bodden.  It sounds mutual, and I’ve read that his heart really wasn’t in it at Gillette.   Good luck to him, I’ll miss … [Read more...]