Chick Chow: Fried Falcon Eggs

So, it seems that our “friendly” rivals in Atlanta decided to egg the Saints’ team bus after the boys landed in that feral, rabies-infested, festering hole that they call ATL. Egging, really? That’s so 12-years old and hardly creative. Back in the day growing up in the enchanting Covington, Louisiana, kids knew how to vandalize and do it well. In their pre-teen years, they would  roll and egging houses (see, Atlanta, pre-teen years). Then, as time would pass, kids grew more sophisticated and moved onto forking houses on the night of the first frost (it’s harder to get the forks out). The piece de resistance was a bit more refined and my personal favorite, the shrimping of cars. A silent but … [Read more...]

Chick Chow: Falcon Pot Pie (Michael) Turner-overs

I hate the Falcons. Hate. Them. I hate them more than I hate Tony Hayward of BP “Let’s Spread Our Oil on Louisiana” fame. I hate them more than New Orleans’ former “Recovery Zsar” Ed Blakely. I hate them more than than I hate Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown. And, I'm still debating whether or not I hate them as much as I hate Roger Goodell. I just googled the word “hate” because I find myself at a loss to describe how I detest those nasty, stinking pigeons from that other Southern city and wanted to see how other sites define hate. And, you know what the third hit was?  A Saints fan hating those foul Falcons. Third hit--even before the Southern Poverty Law Center’s description of … [Read more...]

23rd Psalm, a la the Chicks

As many know, the last three weeks for the Who Dat faithful have been abysmal. Our faith has been tested and we still search for answers. Yet, we have been through worse (shall I remind people of the name Aaron Brooks?) and we will persevere. Yet, we face a major challenge against a Packers team who is coming off a devastating loss. This does not bode well for the Black and Gold as we march into Lambeau Field's gladiatorial arena like little lambs to the slaughter. I find it fitting to say a little prayer to the Great Chick in the Sky and hope that she answers our pleas. So, please, bow your head and recite this little prayer: 23rd Psalm, a la the Chicks Drew Brees is my … [Read more...]

The Saints Lose to, um, gulp, the Chiefs

23 September 2012 Aaron Kromer Interim, Interim Head Coach New Orleans Saints Airline Drive Metry, Louisiana (who the hell knows what the zip code is) Dear Interim, Interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer: As I sit here, writing this note and sipping my hemlock tea, I contemplate today’s game and what took place. Or, rather, what not took place. When I start delving into all the stats, the missed opportunities, the lackluster performance, it overloads my one feeling and I have to jolt it back to life with watching an excerpt from a Lifetime movie for women. I can’t take this anymore. My one feeling has had ENOUGH. Just in case you didn’t know…One cannot go to the playoffs … [Read more...]

Saints Lose to the Skins? Pfft. Pfft. Pfft.

It’s a bad game when the Saints MVP candidate is Astroturf, as it had a better shot of tripping up Robert Griffin III than its defense. I must hand it to RGIII, however. He looked mature in his first outing and in time will emerge as a smarter, more controlled version of Michael Vick. And, that’s gonna be dangerous for all us non-Redskins football fans. Goodness gracious, could they be a real team now? I feel a hairball coming up just thinking that. Bleh. The Redskins had a balanced attack, with 44 rushes and 45 passes. That, coupled with the Saints lack of discipline, sloppiness, dearth in time of possession (39:10-20:50), penalties (12 for 107 yards), and turnovers (3-0) ensured a loss … [Read more...]