Saints vs. Jets: 6 and “2” Many Mistakes

Perhaps it was the group of 300 lb. men behind me in Metlife Stadium, all of whom seemed like extras from The Sopranos, or maybe the fact that my toes had been frozen solid since halftime, or that I had seen Drew Brees get put on his back more times than Kim Kardashian (Hey, oh!) but for some reason, the Saints loss to the New York Jets on Sunday took a while to settle in. I never thought they would run away with the game but I certainly thought the Saints were the better team and should win. And yet, they fall short, in shocking fashion. There was no running game to speak of, which I guess had plenty to do with Darren Sproles being out, essentially eliminating our screen game. Run … [Read more...]

Bills Week 1 was…

...ridiculous. The team wore its "home" uniforms because the Jets' home jerseys are white ... ridiculous. MetLife Stadium STOPS SELLING BEER after halftime ... ridiculous. Jets fans in general were ... ridiculous. My reaction to the game was hyper dramatic ... aka ridiculous. The team made history in its own books by allowing the most points in a season opener, ever ... ridiculous. I actually met a Bills fan who said he was too "embarrassed" to wear Bills gear to the game. I stared at him blankly for a second and then had to walk away ...¬†RIDICULOUS. The Bills lost ... not so ridiculous, some may say, but I had high hopes and so did they, so ridiculous. What went so wrong in a game … [Read more...]

Bills look to start the season off right

Excited. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Depressed. All words that come to mind when I think about the Bills facing the Jets on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Why? Excited: Because it's Week 1 of the best season of the year! Football, duh. Nervous: Ditto. Overwhelmed: Ditto, plus I'm easily overwhelmed and it's really hard having so many conflicting emotions all at once. Anxious: I'm going to the game, and granted, I'm going with the best group of Jets fans possible (I'm pretty sure they're the only ones I've ever been able to maintain a functional, lasting relationship with), but I'm mostly worried about the rest of the stadium. By now you know I'm A) dramatic B) unable to keep my … [Read more...]

Bart Scott’s Can’t Wait Grand Prix

I took off my emo, "I can't believe y'all got beaten like that by the Eagles yesterday" pants long enough to go to Bart Scott's Can't Wait Grand Prix Charity fundraiser for Eric Legrand. All funds raised went to the "A Son Never Forgets Foundation" founded in 2006, and dedicated to encouraging people affected by spinal cord injuries by providing resources during rehabilitation. If you don't know who this amazing young man is, he is a former Rutgers football player that suffered a severe spinal injury during a game in October 2010, and was paralyzed from the neck down. Scott and his teammates, along with some very generous donors raced go carts around the Pole Position Raceway in New … [Read more...]

Easy Flight

The Jets have spent the past three games playing well against not so worthy opponents for about 50 minutes. Two of the three victories have been somewhat lopsided, and people (suits on tv and fans more rabid than I will ever be) are talking playoffs again. That's great on the surface, but the truth is the Jets only seem to be showing out against teams with bad records. This week was no exception, and against the 4-7 Chiefs, they came out like gangbusters, scoring on their first drive of the game. They then punted for the next three drives, and the defense held KC to a field goal. Then it started getting ugly. Not in the "I can't watch this" way, but more in the "they sure are … [Read more...]