Saints vs Cardinals: 3 and “0” That Was Fun!

You know how it is when you're in a new relationship and you feel a certain way about the other person, but you're just not sure when it's safe to say it? Maybe you're just blinded by the "newness" of it all. Maybe you need more time to see if what you're getting from the other person is the "real deal". Maybe revealing how you feel will freak them out. You can debate the pros and cons of coming clean forever. But then at some point, maybe after a few too many cocktails at a football game, you find yourself spilling the beans. "I LOVE YOU, SAINTS DEFENSE!" feels good to get it out. And sure, it could be premature but I don't really care. You see for the past three … [Read more...]

A Special Message to the Falcons: Die Slow

In November of 1967, the wheels were set in motion for what would become one of the most bitter yet underrated rivalries in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons faced off in New Orleans with the Saints coming out on top, 27-24. Both teams went on to endure decades of mediocrity. They were so bad, that for many fans, the thrill of beating their rival team was all they had to hold on to for many seasons. In light of all this history, I see no need to mince words. I want the Saints to destroy the Falcons in the Georgia Dome this Sunday. Eat their young! DIE SLOW FALCONS! You may be wondering: Why all the rage? Hmmm, where do I begin. Does Nola Chick Hate the Falcons … [Read more...]

Why the Saints MUST Beat the Bucs

Over the course of the season, I've written a number of articles detailing why the Saints should defeat one team or another. That hasn't really worked out for me so well. So, I've decided to switch gears. This week: I breakdown why the Saints MUST win on Sunday...or else. Long Division Can you believe the Saints are number 3 in the NFC South? We don't beat the Bucs on Sunday and we've got a long road back to the top of the Division, especially if Falcons QB Matt Ryan's pact with the devil holds up. Beating the Bucs is crucial in terms of staying in the hunt for #1 billing in the NFC South. Playoffs? Playoffs?!!! If the postseason started this week, the Saints wouldn't even … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chow: Virtual Brownies for Our Virtually Unstoppable Punter

If you happened to read my interview with Thomas Morstead from earlier this week, you know that a member of his family brings him brownies to eat before every game and during halftime. It started off with his grandmother dropping him off the goodies prior to a game when he was a student at SMU and it became a family tradition. Since I won't be able to drop off brownies to Thomas prior to our game with those nasty pigeons from Atlanta—really, they need to pick up their droppings because they are stinking up the NFC South—I decided I could do the next best thing....virtual brownies. And, these aren't your everyday brownies. This recipe is courtesy of Zach and Mandy Strief from Zach's … [Read more...]

Go to h*** Carolina (c) Dook

So...Falcons Fans were excited because our Defense looked amazing last week, its a new season we're amped to see what it'll bring and how everything develops, PLUS two home games in a row. Despite the fact that downtown Atlanta is under water (not literally, but 3 inches of rain!) Falcons Fans still showed up to support the dirty birds!!! Now... my top 4 moments: TD pass to Tony Gonzalez TD pass to Jason Snelling TD pass to Michael Turner TD rush by Roddy White Yeah :-)  It was a good day. Now, Carolina sucked it up last week (sorry guys but you did) and yet despite it, we don't take ANY conference game lightly.  I mean no game should be taken lightly, but especially not a … [Read more...]