2015 NFL Playoff Hate-Off

When you're the fan of a team that doesn't make it to the playoffs, the NFL postseason can be a dark, cold and dismal place. You might find yourself tempted to send hate tweets to that running back who fumbled the ball on the goal line...or the quarterback who threw a pick 6 with victory within reach....or the kicker who freakin' shanked a chip shot that your grandmother could have hit. I mean, it was just 25 yards for the love of God. AAAAAHHH!!!!!! *Deep breaths* But there are other ways to channel all that negative energy that won't end in a restraining order. In order to survive a postseason without hope, why not focus your passions on hating all the teams that would make you … [Read more...]


History is being made in Soldier Field this weekend, and for the cost of one of your kidneys, you, too, can be a part of the epic showdown between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Slackers.  Yeah, yeah the Packers crushed the Falcons last weekend--big deal.  The Falcons were OVER-RATED.   And the Eagles?  Their season was on a total decline.  The Packers may not have any problems bringing down the birds, but they better watch out for DA BEARS.  I know that Joe Buck has officially replaced Tom Brady with Aaron Rodgers on his little man-crush pedestal (anyone listening to Saturday night's game would agree), but I ain't buying it.  Aaron Rodgers is a goofy, scrawny little fella.  He reminds … [Read more...]

Bucs vs. Panthers: A Must-Win

The 5-3 Bucs face the 1-7 Panthers this weekend, and despite the seemingly unimportant nature of this game, the Bucs needs to win. Here's why: 1. A loss will ruin the Bucs' rep. The Bucs just came off maybe their most impressive game of the season, losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the last seconds of the game. Obviously a loss in and of itself is not impressive, but the Bucs had only beaten bad-to-terrible teams this season and had, until last week, only been blown out by good-to-great teams. Last week, the Bucs nearly won a game against arguably the top team in the NFC. That kind of game boosts a team's league-wide reputation. A loss to the Panthers, and the good rep is all but … [Read more...]

Ravens vs. Colts Recap: Eight (and Counting) is Enough!

Best quote I heard about this game. When the Ravens defense is *messing* up...it's a WRAP. Well EXCUSE me Colts! So much for that rust I talked about! I stand corrected. The Colts came to play Saturday night and boy did they?! Peyton Manning and the Colts defeated the red hot Baltimore Ravens 20-3 and now must sit and wait for their AFC Championship opponent. This game marked the first time Manning won a playoff game after a first-round bye. The Ravens opened the game with an 87 yard drive that ended in a Field Goal. Those would be the last points they would score for the rest of the game. OUCH! Manning went 30 for 44 with 246 yards and 2 TDs. It was an efficient offense. No glamour here. … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chow: Bacon Wrapped Cardinal Wings

Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you today! In honor of the Saints clinching the #1 seed in the playoffs, the chicks will offer local chef's recipes throughout the postseason all the way up to the Superbowl. Today's delicacy comes from Chef Richard Gonzalez of Tomatillo's Restaurant in the Faubourg Marigny in New Orleans. Tomatillo's features Neuvo Latino cuisine and you can enjoy 300 flavor combinations of margaritas, live music, and pet-friendly dining in their beautiful courtyard. Their food is excellent, the surroundings are beautiful, and their staff is friendly and well-informed. For today's game, they are offering their all you can eat fajita buffet and free shots any time the … [Read more...]