Chick Chow: Bayou Braised Dat-Wurst With Peppers

Oh, this 2-5 season has me so down in the dumps, I hardly know what to do with myself. There are times that I am so angry with the Saints that I want to write each one from our coaches to players and ball boys and ask them why they are doing this to me. What have I done in my past life that is (or was) so horrid that I’ve befallen this less-than-500 fate? This doesn’t even take into account that those nasty stinking pigeons from Atlanta are undefeated. When I think of that, my head starts to implode and I search for my smelling salts. One way that I’ve dealt with my recent entry into this new realm of utter depression and ammonium- sniffing is to throw my attention and effort … [Read more...]

Chick Chow/Chick Sips: Bearly Alive Meat Loaf and A Shot of Revenge

Let's face it Saints fans, tonight's game will be a "handful." It's clear Bears star Brian Urlacher can take control of whatever (ahem) "big" obstacles fall in his path. But how will this team of Windy City boobs handle a Saints squad hell bent on getting a little payback for the last two seasons? Hell, no one likes the friggin Bears, not even Mother Hen's personal baby daddy, Stephen Colbert. Sure the weather will be "nippy" but we believe our boys in black and gold will put the smack down with their "double ds": defense and discipline. With all this in mind, I have come up with the perfect dish for a knockers...I mean, er...knockout punch...Bearly Alive Meat Loaf. It may be gamey, … [Read more...]

Chick Chow/Chick Sips: Cooked Fudge Packers and a Wine & Cheese-head Spread

Ahhh Monday Night Football...the hours of tailgating, the blinding drunkness, the potential for disaster in front of a National Audience...what's not to like? This Monday night, our Saints will take on a formidable opponent in the Green Bay Packers. Much like the Saints, the Pack is 5-5, in a desperate hunt for division dominance, and while they have the potential to put up points, from week to week they are completely unpredictable. Translation: Be afraid, be very afraid. Meanwhile, the Saints are still struggling through injuries. Cornerback Aaron Glenn: Out. Running Back Mike Karney: Out. Reggie Bush: Questionable. Not to mention the running tab of players on injured reserve … [Read more...]

Chick Chow/Chick Sips: Barbecue those K.C. Shrimps, & a Larry Johnson Super Punch

I, Mother Hen, searched my soul this week. I performed a few novenas to St. Jude, the patron of saint of the lost cause, and lit every candle in the house so that the big Saints fan in the sky would hear my plea. Is it possible for us to go more than a game without incurring substantial injuries? Will the play-calling get significantly better? Can the coach run Deuce, Pierre Thomas, or Aaron Stecker more than a handful of times? Will Shockey be the player we had hoped he would be when we traded away our 2009 draft for him? Will our offensive line stop being so offensive? The questions go on and on. Yet, being the Saints fan that I am, I will always have faith in the boys and know that they … [Read more...]

Chick Chow/Chick Sips: Beefin’ with the Bengals & a (Mug) Shot of Bourbon

I’ve always heard the joke that Cincinnati is not so much in Ohio as it is in northern Kentucky. As I pondered what I would create for all my peeps on Saturday night, I de-Deuced that a lot of Bourbon would help us Saints fans sit through the slaughtering of the Bengals. And, while Bengal meat might be a protected species, especially in southern Louisiana, I decided to go with a nice, bourbon-marinated beef tenderloin.  (It shouldn’t be as gamey as those cats that we have to battle up north.)   As for the (Mug) Shot of Bourbon...well, let's just say Chris Henry would have wanted it that way.   … [Read more...]