Sean and Beth Payton…The Way We Were

2012 has been a bit off to a sucky start for us Saints fans, but not even the lowest of our lows can compare to the never-ending Suck-Fest Saints Coach Sean Payton seems to be trapped in. First, he lost his job coaching on the sidelines for the upcoming season as punishment for the bounty scandal. Now, he's losing his wife. Sean and Beth Payton filed for divorce last month in Texas. The coach has apparently already packed his bags and moved out of their Dallas home. Which begs the question: Did this dude piss off a voodoo priestess or something? I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting Beth Payton about four years after her husband joined the Saints. I profiled her … [Read more...]

Nicole Jennings: Hope All Around

Each week, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings inspires hope. Some days it’s his positive attitude, others it’s his innate leadership, and still others it’s his level of play. This week, Jennings’ 30+ and 40+ receptions in Sunday’s victory over the Chicago Bears resulted in advantageous field positions that led to the Packers only two scores of the day. The 10-3 victory clinched a wild card position for the Packers . . . and the hope continues. But Greg isn’t the only member of the Jennings family who inspires hope amongst the city of Green Bay.  His wife, Nicole, recently involved herself with the local House of Hope program, which offers a safe and supportive place for young … [Read more...]

Ocho Loco: Chad’s Engagement & (sigh) New Reality Show

Just when you thought the only media whore Chad Ochocinco could call his "life partner" would be Terrell Owens...he went ahead and proposed to his girlfriend. The Bengals wide receiver apparently gave Basketball Wives "star" Evelyn Lozada a 10 carat ring. Hot dayum! The two have been dating for about as long as that half-eaten box of chinese food in the back of your fridge. And just like that box of rotting food, something about this hook-up stinks to holy hell. I mean c'mon. I thought Chad had found love on his reality TV show "The Ultimate Catch". You mean to tell me that love wasn't real???!! Lozada reportedly tweeted about the engagement: "I'm no rabbit but 10 carats … [Read more...]

The NFL Wives Club: Meet the Superwoman

Sabrina Coleman, the wife of Atlanta Falcons safety Erik Coleman, has "America's Sweetheart" written all over her. But get her in a gym and she's got the kind of fierceness and intensity that would make you think twice about cutting her off on the freeway. The brunette beauty instantly goes from Supermodel to Superwoman. Coleman, who is a new mom, is currently training to compete for Ms. Bikini Georgia. Her workout routine nearly rivals what her football player husband goes through to stay in shape for the NFL. So, as you might imagine, her body is sick. No, not "a boob job and 3 nip tucks later" fit. I'm talking a living, breathing She-Ra. While Coleman may have a hard … [Read more...]

Chicks Taking Charge: The Chick Who Made Payton “Play it Forward”

By now you’ve probably heard of Saints Coach Sean Payton’s ambitious plan to launch a new non-profit organization called “Payton’s Play It Forward.” What you probably don’t know is that the organization may never have gotten off the ground if not for one fateful night over a bottle of wine with a Texas chick who doesn’t take no for an answer. We’ll get to that night in a moment. But first, we want you to meet and understand this lady from the Lone Star state. Karen Hegner, pictured above (left) with Sean's wife Beth, is the essence of all things southern. She’s got charm, smarts, wit, and balls. That’s right, a chick with balls…but not in the RuPaul kind of way. She’s got the kind of balls … [Read more...]