NFL Photo Shoot:Behind the Scenes

Ever need a good ego check? Sign on to do a photo shoot as a "model" for an ad campaign where you'll find yourself face to face (well, more like face to collarbone since they were all 5 inches taller than me) with actual models. Yeah, that'll kick you down a notch or two. Still, even with the cold hard dose of reality that I'm no Gisele, I had so much fun taking part in the shoot for the online component of the NFL's Fit For You Campaign. As promised, I want to give you a look at some of the behind the scenes action from my weekend in New York plus a sneak peak at some of the looks still to come on Also, I'd like you to meet the two fabulous designers behind a line of … [Read more...]

Nola Chick and the NFL: The Perfect Fit

In case you didn't know it ladies, we're not your average chicks! All of us, (oh yeah, you too!) make up a growing legion of football lovin' females who are getting the NFL to sit up and take notice of a major shift in its fan demographics. In fact, the league is going all out this season to open its arms and embrace the nearly 60 million women who "just love them some pigskin" by launching a major expansion of its women's apparel line. And you'll never guess who they picked to show off all these fabulous new fashions... That's right, yours truly, Nola Chick, had the honor of taking part in the NFL's new "Fit For You Campaign." The campaign is a way to show off all the stylish … [Read more...]