Bucs vs. Jets: It Could Be Worse

Chicks, this has been a particularly long offseason for the Buccaneers. This time last year, Bucs fans were prepping for a new start.  Greg Schiano was set to begin his first year as an NFL head coach, taking over a team that had mutinied against "players' coach" Raheem Morris the previous year. Offseason news centered around the new stringent discipline in place and the promise of what a new coach might mean to the young team. This offseason, there have been fewer story lines, and less hopeful ones at that. Luckily, though, the Bucs will face the Jets this Sunday, who prove that no matter what the Bucs have been through, it could have been worse. Darrelle Revis May Still … [Read more...]

Bears Knock Jets off their Feet

"When he's hot, he's as good as there is," Rex Ryan said, referring to Jay Cutler, just a few days before Sunday's game.  Well, Rexy, it turns out you were right.  (Let's hope he was talking about football...) In what turned out to be an offensive showdown, da Bears rolled over the Jets 38-34, and it was a fun game with a playoff-like intensity.  I must admit, when Cutty is on--he is really exciting to watch.  We've certainly had our fair share of painful, demoralizing games this season (who hasn't?), but it's really nice to have a smashing offense show up in December, right before the playoffs start. USA Today has just come out saying that the Bears are "the hottest team under the … [Read more...]

An under-the-radar rivalry no more

For many Patriot players, HBO’s Hard Knocks is not must-see-TV. The show, focusing on AFC East rivals New York Jets, has gotten a lot of attention from fans and critics. At first, I hadn’t heard a lot about it. I knew the Jets were doing it, and that was it. Then Tony Dungy chimed in about the swearing, then that blew over. Now @RapSheet is tweeting about what some of the Patriots think about the show. And not surprisingly, no one is singing praises. Quarterback Tom Brady was the first to chime in on WEEI radio. He was asked if he watched the show, Brady said: “You know, I haven’t turned it on,” Brady told WEEI Radio. “I hate the Jets. I refuse to support that show. … I’m sure … [Read more...]

Fireman Ed’s Throat is Sore

There are certain games that just make you feel good to watch. You yell louder, drink more beer, and generally have a better time. They give you a special kind of joy one usually reserves for new shoes, a new handbag, or a great piece of jewelry. I watched a game like that yesterday. The Jets finally beat the Patriots at home. I'm not quite sure it's possible for me to smile any wider, but with the amount of talking that was done leading up to this game, someone's feelings were bound to be hurt. Fortunately those feelings didn't belong to me. The Jets are starting to look like a group that might have some real pop this season, even though they are playing (for another two … [Read more...]

Week 2-Patriots Boogaloo

YES! I'm guilty, I've been watching bad 80s dance flicks. Kind of fitting considering what is about to happen on Sunday. For the bajillionth time, the Jets will play the Patriots at home. A situation that has not been a happy one for me or my team very often over the past 10 years. So, once again the talented, but unlucky non ethnic chick and her pals (the Jets) will go up against the evil, big bad dance crew (the Patriots), and try to shock the world. In the movies, this always happens. In real life? Well... After last week's performance a lot of us Jets fans are excited, but there are some things that need to be worked out. The Jets really would want to: 1. Play the … [Read more...]