Even In Throwbacks, This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Saints

Archie Manning style jerseys? Check Dismal defensive performance? Check Fans desperately searching for inhalers & blood pressure meds? Check Oh yeah, the Saints game against the Texans on Sunday had all the elements of a Saints game of yore. Except this time around, we didn't end up wearing brown paper bags at the end of the game, we were just breathing into them. Drew Brees and his band of awesomeness pulled off quite the thriller in the Superdome. It was the kind of game that reminds you just why you fell in love with football in the first place. You felt the emotion of the crowd. You felt the intensity of the players. And when it was all said and done, you were exhausted … [Read more...]

Saints vs Dolphins Recap: When the Sun Goes Down, the Brees Comes Out

Around 5:30pm EST in Landshark stadium on Sunday evening in Miami, I could feel the heat. The sun had perched itself directly overhead, my black leggings clung to my skin, and my New Orleans Saints were down 24-10, trailing big time and playing miserably. Oh yeah, I could feel the heat. Nothing about this felt right. I sensed a couple of the ladies who joined me at the game weren't giving it their all. So it was time to make a move. I was going to sneak to section 125 where I noticed a crowd of rowdy Saints fans. Our energy would infect the team. We would help them find themselves. The sun had begun to set over Landshark Stadium by the start of the third quarter. During my … [Read more...]