Manti Te’o’s “Scandal”: What Would Olivia Pope Do?

It's a brisk winter day in Washington, DC. A scared, humiliated college football star being crushed by the media spotlight and a web of lies, makes his way to a nondescript office, opens the door and says he needs help. He says it's been uncovered that a story about his dying girlfriend, a story that helped to propel him into the national spotlight and made him the face of one of the top football programs in the country, was all a hoax. The media is breathing down his neck. There are questions swirling about how much he knew. Was he in on it? Did he make it all up to get a better shot at a Heisman Trophy or maybe even endorsements? Or is he just a fool who fell in love with a … [Read more...]

Hands full huh Brett?

Sports blog/tabloid website released a series of voice mail messages and naked pictures allegedly sent by quarterback Brett Favre to Jenn Sterger, an employee of the New York Jets when Favre played there. Favre was asked about the allegations by Brian Costello of the New York Times during a press conference ahead of the Vikings game with the New York Jets. Brett's answer: "I'm not getting into that. I've got my hands full with the Jets." Gross. Anyway according to Ms. Sterger, Favre sent her the aforementioned photos while he was trying to seduce her back in 2009! Because apparently, gentleman, all you have to do to ensure that a woman will fall for you is show send them … [Read more...]