A Super Bowl Ticket Costs How Much???

As a reward to all you fans who faithfully support your team and spend your hard-earned money on season tickets and paraphernalia, the NFL has finally found a way to repay you for your loyalty, should your squad make it to the big game this season. They're hiking up the price of already ridiculously expensive Super Bowl tickets. Oh you reaaally shouldn't have! According to an article in the Wall St. Journal, the league is fed up with scalpers and third-party ticket websites making enormous profits off of Super Bowl ticket resales. So, instead of finding a way to stick it to the resellers, the league will instead stick it to the little guy. Here's the latest from the WSJ: According … [Read more...]

Have Fans Lost the Super Bowl Forever?

A group of die-hard 49ers fans thought all their dreams were coming true. They were scouring the internet for pseudo-affordable tickets to watch their team take on the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday in New Orleans. With most resale tickets going for about $3000, which is double face value, it seemed like all hope was lost. That is until they found a seller on Craigslist willing to offer them four tickets for a little less than $6,000. He claimed he could no longer go because his wife was too late in her pregnancy to travel. They spoke with him on the phone several times. He seemed legit. He said all they had to do was wire him the money and he'd ship them the tickets. So they … [Read more...]