Super Bowl Blackout: You’re Welcome

Oh New Orleans, you did it again! In what would otherwise be considered a snoozer of a Super Bowl, you added a little color. (What? Black is a color!) Without that bizarre power outage in the dome in the 3rd quarter, the highlight of the game would have been Jacoby Jones' touchdown dance a.k.a The Beanie Weenie. I mean, I guess the touchdown itself was cool but the dance? That was just stellar. It seems like when the lights went out in the dome, all the energy transferred to the 49ers. Up until then, they couldn't move the ball or stop the Ravens. After the blackout, they scored 17 unanswered points. It finally gave us fans what we had been waiting for: a competitive football … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chow: Farv-a Bean Dip

As I sit here to write this recipe, I have already cried twice since 5am, smoked a pack of cigarettes, and listened to my Who Dat CD numerous times (it's on Do Whatcha Wanna right now) and it's only 8:12am. We all have a long day ahead of us, my darling chicks and roosters, and let's get a rolling! First off, it seems as if the city is shutting down today—not sure why. The Times Picayune has a great article on how no one will be on the streets from approximately 5:00pm this afternoon till about 9pm, including world famous Mandina's restaurant located in the heart of Mid City. The big question is: will the city be shut down for tomorrow? Win, lose, or draw, the Saints have given their fans … [Read more...]

Lions vs Saints Recap: Uh, A Learning Experience

Well, Mother Hen, I hope those "shrimpy Stafford bites" were delicious. I hope you and Nola Chick reallllyyyy enjoyed them. Here's what I enjoyed (It isn't much): -Reggie Bush's inability to hold on to the ball. (Two fumbles, and a third that was a fumble to everyone but the officials.) -Rookie Louis Delmas making a couple of plays in the secondary, inlcuding an interception that he ran in for a touchdown. And that's about it. The rest of the story consists of turnovers, a few penalties and failure to capitalize on golden opportunities. Even in the second quarter when Dennis Northcutt returned a punt to within the 20, the Lions couldn't turn that great field position into a … [Read more...]