Bucs vs. Bucs: Everyone Loses

The Bucs' first series of last week's loss against the Jets was an unmitigated disaster. When QB Josh Freeman's headset stopped working, he was forced to take a time out. Back on the field, the headset continued to malfunction amidst the crowd noise, and the Bucs were slapped with two delay of game penalties in a row. After a sack and a false start penalty, this series mercifully ended in a punt. It seemed clear from the sloppy mess on the field that this would be a long season for Buc fans. Another long season. But that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. On the field, the Bucs ended up losing the game when one of the most promising young players, second year linebacker … [Read more...]

Week 10, Miami vs. Tampa Bay — Dolphins: Sea-Worthy or Sea Sick?

Avast, what’s that on the horizon, Dolfans? Batten down the hatches – it’s a ship of opportunistic Buccaneers riding the wave of a victory over the Packers! That’s right, the Bucs, with a rookie QB at the helm, just broke an 11 game losing streak. Now, with a hull full of confidence, they sail into Landshark Stadium this Sunday to do battle with our Dolphins. Arrgghhhh.... Yes, I’m worried. It’s mid-season. Miami is 3-5 and fresh off a divisional loss to New England. More and more, the play-offs are becoming a distant, fading dream. I’d like to think we’re better than our record shows. We’re down, but we’re not out yet. Sunday’s game will tell a lot about the direction this … [Read more...]