Bucs vs. Seahawks: Recap in 40 Words or Less

A recap of the Bucs/Seahawks game--and the 0-8 season in a nutshell--in the form of annotated game-time texts between my dad and me: Bucs lose in overtime. Final score, 24-27. … [Read more...]

Gaines and Losses

Sad news!  We have lost someone dear to us. Chicago Bears Defensive End, Gaines Adams passed away on Sunday, January 17, 2010.  Adams was only 26 years old, and his career was just beginning to take off.  Prior to playing for the Bears, Adams had played at Tampa Bay.  He spent his college years at Clemsen University, where he was an All-American defensive player. As a newly minted "Bear", Adams only had a chance to play for Chicago in a few games before his untimely death.  But once a Bear, always a Bear. Adams went into cardiac arrest on Sunday.  Cause of death has been determined as cardiac arrest, brought on by an enlarged heart. Adams will be greatly missed.  Our prayers … [Read more...]

Saints Chick Chattin: Punter Thomas Morstead

Wow. What a week. I almost feel like the social secretary for the chicks as my entire week has been filled with nothing but S-A-I-N-T-S. And, that is how it should be during this fine, festive time of year. Wednesday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Thomas Morstead, our punting phenom. Morstead, a rookie from Pearland, Texas was voted Special Teams Player of the Week during week 11 in the Saints game against Tampa Bay. For the season, he is tied for third in the NFL with 18 touchbacks. Quick Facts: Houston Oilers were his favorite team growing up until they sought greener pastures in the land of Elvis. And, since he would never pull for the Tennessee Titans, he decided to … [Read more...]

Hit It and Quit It, Fins Fashion

Phew! We scraped out a win, but this Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay was up and down like a bucking bronco. The offense was great at times, miserable at times. The defense was brilliant at times, terrible at times. Here are some of those ups and some of those downs. Hit It: Coach Sparano's decision to bench Joey Porter. How can he stop the run, when he can’t contain the crap running out of his own mouth? Quit It: Coach Sparano's decision to throw on 3rd and 7 when up by 6 points with less than two minutes to go in the game. Don't blame Chad Henne for that crazy pass to an imaginary receiver. That's ALL Sparano! Hit It: The running game. Ronnie's 45 yd run, Ricky's 2nd half … [Read more...]

Week 10, Miami vs. Tampa Bay Verdict: Dolphins – Signs of Sickness

All year I’ve told myself that Miami is a better team than their record shows. Now I’m not so sure. I think the Dolphins may be exactly what their record shows–a team on the brink. On the edge of being good, but just a slip away from tumbling into free fall. Sure, they’ve lost some nail biters, but many of Miami’s wins were ugly. And this was an ugly win that nearly got away. So, is this squad sea-worthy or sea sick? My friends, the Dolphins show many signs of sickness. I know this from the nausea, headache, and confusion I experienced while watching the game! The final score was 25-23, but this was no slugfest. Oh, no. It was a slopfest. With the exception of the Dolphins’ first … [Read more...]