Steelers Redeem Themselves (Against the Seahawks)

The Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) won big-time against the Seattle Seahawks (0-2), routing them 24-0 at their home opener. The Steelers have officially proven themselves the wine drinkers, not the grape stompers, today. Thank you for that analogy, Mike Tomlin. You really are a lord among press conferences. In even better news for us Steelers fans, the Baltimore Ravens, who kicked the Steelers' asses so soundly last week, lost to the Tennessee Titans, and I would just like one tiny opportunity to revel in this moment. Ahhh. Okay. Thanks for that. The Football Universe is now back to normal. The Seahawks couldn't produce a single point against the stingy Steelers defense, who bounced … [Read more...]

Preseason: Vikings vs. 49ers

After getting inundated over the past week with e-mails, texts, and calls thanking me for the letter I wrote to Brett Favre (since it obviously brought him back), it was nice to finally see him on the field. I’m tired of all the bitching and complaining about him and all the drama that’s surrounded his arrival. Let's just watch some football. Most of us know it would be a miracle for him to play as well as he did last year, but miracles do happen and we have a whole lot of other pieces in place. I am really looking forward to this season and am ready for the games to count! OK, so even though this game was worth absolutely nothing, we’ll take a look anyway. First off, the 49ers looked … [Read more...]

Preseason Vikings vs. Rams

I was hoping that for my first “real” post for Chicks in the Huddle, I would have a juicy game to talk about. Alas, I do not. Not only is it a preseason game, it’s a preseason game against the Rams—one of the worst teams in the NFL. That said, it’ll be kind of fun to see if Sam Bradford lives up to his hype. Despite the relative insignificance of this game, I am really interested to see our QB’s in action. While most of us assume Favre will be coming back (most likely due to my recent letter) the team has to plan as if he isn’t. Tarvaris Jackson is our starter. God help us. In his first few games with the Vikes, he looked promising. He had a kind of fire about him. But then the pressure … [Read more...]