It’s Only Weird If It Doesn’t Work

Eagles 27, Packers 13, Sunday, November 10, 2013 Chef Spouse and I were at the Delaware shore with Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and You-Two-Calm-Down-Or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad celebrating Dad's recent retirement this week. One of the things that's fun about being in Eagles Country during the football season is that there's a lot more good Eagles merch to choose from - we got bupkes here in DC. Before we headed home on Saturday, Chef Spouse had swung by a local store in Fenwick, DE that was advertised as a hardware store - and it was, you could buy tools there - but they had amazing sports merch, including lots of Eagles gear. Now here's another thing you need to know. Since I … [Read more...]

2013 NFL Week 10 Picks

Were you watching Monday Night Football? Did you see how Aaron Rodgers got hurt, and then John McCown led the Bears to the upset win? Is it just me, or did this game suddenly get a lot more interesting? Up until about 9 pm Monday night, I was SURE the Eagles had NO chance this week. I mean, road game, so that's in their favor, but c'mon! The Packers! At Lambeau! Nick Foles will NOT have another game like last week, maybe ever. But the Packers are dealing with a boatload of injuries and are having a hard time defending the pass. I expect Foles to have another good game, and I don't have a ton of confidence in Seneca Wallace. I'd love to call an upset win, in fact, I almost … [Read more...]

Hear That?

That would be the Fat Lady singing. Eagles v. Cardinals, Sunday, November 13, 2011 Steve Mariucci may not think so, but I say stick a fork in them - they're done. Stud of the Week: LeSean McCoy, again, who might as well retire the category since he's been the only bright light in an otherwise dismal season. Sunday, he broke Steve van Buren's consecutive games with a TD at 9. Which also also pretty much the only bright spot in the game. Well, other than Asante's pick 6. And where has THAT been for the past nine weeks? Thank goodness I had some stuff that absolutely, positively had to get done, so I was only half watching the game. If I'd devoted full attention, I probably … [Read more...]

2011 Week 10 Picks

I did such a bad job with my picks last week, that this week I've turned making the picks over to Chef Spouse. If he blows it, too, next week, I'm letting the cat make the picks. Cardinals at Eagles: Eagles (homer!) but he did pick the Eagles to beat the Bears, so this pick might be suspect. Hell, they ALL might be suspect. Raiders at Chargers: GAH! Thursday night football already! Have I mentioned how much this screws up my weekly schedule (only about 1000 times)? Oh NFL Network, I wish I could quit you. Anyway, Chef Spouse has the Chargers. "All their losses have been close, and 28-0 loss to the Chiefs means the Raiders have major flaws." Bills at Cowboys: Bills. "It is a … [Read more...]

2010 Week 10 Picks

Thursday night football already? I know the teams get a short week, but those guys get paid millions of dollars. What about us poor sports bloggers? Speaking of, though, way to get the party started, NFL Network!  Ravens at Falcons! After the kind of crap matchups they've seemed to get in past years, I was almost expecting something like Cowboys v. Panthers. But this is a real game! That you want to watch! Pick? Below, after I talk about the really important issue: Eagles at Redskins, MNF, it is ON. Did you hear that there's a QB controversy? And it doesn't involve the Eagles? That by itself is enough to get to me to do The Happy Dance. So do I think it's possible there's … [Read more...]