The Eagles Home Losing Streak is FINALLY Over!

Eagles 24, Redskins 16, Sunday, November 17, 2013 Can I just tell you how glad I am that that monkey is off all our backs? Still, just to be on the safe side, if the Eagles *do* manage to win the NFC East and get into the playoffs (which is looking increasingly possible), do you think we can petition Roger Goodell to play the wildcard round on the road? Stud of the week: Brandon Boykin gets a repeat. He's been doing an outstanding job as the gunner on special teams this season in general. He's playing well at cornerback when he's in. And then there was the critical pick in the end zone to seal the win. And no, I could not find a decent picture of it, so we'll have to settle … [Read more...]

2013 NFL Season Week 11 Picks

This week, the Eagles host the Redskins at the Linc. The Eagles are on a two game winning streak with a resurgent Nick Foles under center. The Redskins are reeling from a puzzling loss to the dreadful Vikings. Both teams have suspect defenses and rely heavily and successfully on the run. Both teams score a lot of points and give up a lot of points...although the Redskins give up more, an average of about a TD more. The Redskins special teams are historically terrible, and the Eagles are actually a lot better than in recent years. RGIII has been erratic this year, throwing a lot of picks even as his knee appears to be healing. Foles has been the model of consistency, as long as we … [Read more...]

They’re Up, They’re Down, They’re All Over the Damn Place

Eagles at Giants, Sunday, November 20, 2011 Stud of the week: As hard as it is to go with the guy who threw THREE picks (thank God the Giants couldn't seem to capitalize), I have to give it to Vince Young, since he also engineered a nearly 9 minute drive in which he converted I think four third downs that ended when he tossed what turned out to be the winning TD to Riley Cooper (who also had a really good day, despite the fact that he hadn't caught a pass yet this year prior to last night). Shout-out to Jason Babin, too, for the strip sack of Eli Manning that ended their last scoring chance last night. So I was watching the game alone, with Chef Spouse in Pittsburgh after … [Read more...]

2011 Week 11 Picks

I'm writing this while watching "The Top 10 Things We Love About the Giants-Eagles Rivalry." Some great memories - Randall Cunningham's acrobatics, Chuck Bednarik's famous hit on Frank Gifford, Runyan versus Strahan, Brian Westbrook burning the Giants A LOT, Osi Umenyiora pretty much decimating DMac - good times. Even the clips from losses. Good rivalry. This weekend will NOT be good times. This week, the Eagles travel to New Jersey to take on the Giants in prime time. You know, when the NFL schedulers put together all these prime time games for the Eagles, I'm guessing they were expecting more from the team. Heh. So was I. Remember the last time the Eagles played at the … [Read more...]

Da Bears – and Da (Critical) Big Win

The guys had me freaking out. This looked like one of THOSE games - you know, a game where the other team does everything they can to give it away to us and we still can't seem to pull it together to take it. Cutler consistently overthrew every single Bear on the field. Man, is he antsy these days. They couldn't get in the end zone to save their lives. OK, that's partially credit to the effort put up by our seriously depleted defense (Trot's really our best option at MLB? Really? He's like 327 in football years! Although he did manage to chase Devin Hester out of bounds...), but still. They didn't give the ball to Matt Forte nearly as much as I would've, which to me indicates problems with … [Read more...]