2013 Week 14 Picks

The Eagles enter the final push of a three game stretch against the NFC North and then the Cowboys with a home game against the Lions. In the Eagles' favor: the weather. Sunday's supposed to be a mess, which is not going to favor a dome team. Also, Nick-folesian Dynamite. And Shady. And D-Jax. And Donnie Jones (don't under-estimate the value of field position on what's likely to be a sloppy day). And an improving defense. And snapping the homefield curse. Then again, the Lions have Ndamukong Suh. And a top-ranked run defense. And Reggie Bush. And Calvin Johnson. Who is too tall for the Eagles' secondary to cover effectively. Of course, the Lions are nothing if not … [Read more...]

Apparently, Even When They Win…

I'm not happy. Eagles at Dolphins, Sunday, December 11, 2011 Stud of the week: the ENTIRE defense. Three forced fumbles, about a zillion sacks, three third-and-short stops, two fourth-and-short stops, a goal-line stand, another Kurt Coleman pick, and a partridge in a pear tree. Casey Matthews even managed three tackles and a sack! (Also, Shady's one rushing TD from tying Steve Van Buren's record that's stood since 1945. 66 years! So see, the Eagles' aversion to running the football clearly predates Andy Reid. Kidding!) It was so bad, Tony Sparano lost his job. Sure, we all knew that was coming, but in week 14? Harsh. Where have these guys been the entire REST of the … [Read more...]

2011 Week 14 Picks

And the 2011 season trudges on.  The rumor is that Vick will be back this week, and I have to ask: why? Season's over, man. The Eagles just gave him a fairly sizable contract. Why are they risking a guy who's already banged up on meaningless games? Same thing goes for all the others who are banged up: Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Nnamdi Asomugha, DRC...everybody. Why not play the second and third team guys and see what they have? Sure, Vick is fun to watch and all, but really, this just seems pointless. The Eagles are traveling to Miami to take on the Dolphins this week. Both teams are 4-8. The Dolphins, by way of a reminder, have won 4 of the last 5. The Eagles have lost 4 of … [Read more...]

Hey Giants: Here’s a Quarter – Buy Some Defense

So here's how the game went: run-run-run-score (Giants). LOOOOOOOONG pass-score (Eagles). Run-run-run-score (Giants). LOOOOOOONG pass-score (Eagles). Not exactly a defensive grind it out win. Did both teams' defenses accidentally go to the Linc? If I had a quarter for every time I yelled, "TACKLE him, DONKEY!" I...well, I wouldn't be able to retire, but I'd certainly be able to get a nice pair of shoes. We couldn't stop Brandon Jacobs to save our lives. On the other hand, they couldn't stop DeSean. I think opposing defenses are going to have to start sending their safeties back to the end zone. "I know they're at their own 3. Back up. No farther. No, FARTHER. Look, just head for the … [Read more...]

2009 Week 14 Picks

So ever since King Kaufman quit writing for Salon, I've been looking for someone to write picks that make me laugh. I finally found him (why doesn't it surprise me that he's attached to the Rachel Maddow Show?) Anywho, we're playing the Giants. In prime time. And once again, all the sports commentators are all about the Giants, who have apparently righted their season, eaten their Wheaties, sacrificed the goat, etc., and are now going to make a triumphal run to the playoffs. In the meantime, the Eagles are BANGED UP. Seriously, I think Andy Reid was like: "Hey, we have a Gatorade cooler. We could slap a jersey on that puppy and throw him in at right tackle!" The sad part is that … [Read more...]