Well, THAT Sucked.

Eagles 30, Vikings 48, Sunday, December 15, 2013 Both Chef Spouse and I have managed to come down with horrible colds. Being sick during the holidays is an extra drag. Not only do you feel bad, but you miss things like holiday parties with your industry colleagues, your co-workers, longtime friends, and your fellow belly dancers. Boo! Loss of fun! You know what's even more of a drag? Watching your team get blown out by a 3 (now 4) - 9 - 1 team WHILE coughing up a lung. You know how I was all "no way this is a trap game"? Yeah, turns out I was wrong-wrong-wrong. Stud of the week: DJax. 10 catches for nearly 200 yards and a TD (which would have been two other than Nicky's bad … [Read more...]

2013 Week 15 Picks

First place with three to go. This week, the Eagles travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. Yeah, I know, Matt Cassel, Adrian Peterson, dome, those noisy Viking horn-thingies, trap game, blah blah blah. There's no way the Vikings win this game. Their scoring defense is second only to the Redskins...in suckitude.  While they'll put up some points themselves, no doubt, particularly if AP plays, I don't see them having any success shutting down the Eagles red-hot offense. In other words, if you have any Eagles offensive players on your fantasy team, play 'em. The Vikings are in the bottom 10 in rushing defense and the bottom three in passing defense. DJax and Riley Cooper are … [Read more...]

I’m Afraid to Hope

Eagles v. Jets, Sunday, December 18, 2011 This weekend, Chef Spouse and I celebrated our 19th anniversary. I think, on some level, the Eagles knew and engineered a win as a gift for us. And they even managed to win at home! Thanks, guys! We really appreciate it! Although a winning SEASON would've been an even better gift. Next year's 20. Super Bowl? Just sayin'. Yeah, I know, if things fall JUST right, the Eagles could still win the division. I'm afraid to start hoping, though, since that really hasn't gone well for Bleeding Green Nation so far this season. You know, hope. Stud of the week: I know you're tired of hearing this, but how could it NOT be Shady? My secret … [Read more...]

2011 Week 15 Picks

Remember the last time the Eagles put together what amounted to their longest winning streak (2 games) this season? For three weeks - week 6, the bye and week 8 - it felt like maybe the Eagles were finding their way, putting their season together, pulling out the tailspin. It felt like, maybe, the team was 3-4 on their way to 11-5 or maybe even 12-4, and a glorious march deep into the playoffs, maybe even the Super Bowl. That was fun, wasn't it? When we all still had hope? Which, of course, the proceeded to crush by dropping the next two games to the Bears and, humiliatingly, the Cardinals. Since then, the Birds have dropped two more on their way to a 5-8 record. And even … [Read more...]

Another win…

Another step closer to our 6th NFC East title in the Reid/McNabb era. I expected this to be a more dominating win. Not that the 49ers are bad - their whupping of the Cardinals last week showed that they're actually a pretty decent team - but I expected more of our team. The offense seemed a little off all day. Don uncharacteristically threw 2 picks, which he pretty much never does. He overthrew Peanut, which I didn't think was possible. Although he did run for a TD for the first time in a long time. He may be 33, but he still has some wheels! AR, in a totally boneheaded move, went for it at our 29 on 4th-and-1. Weaver had a bonehead play of his own. We're out of timeouts, donkey! Save … [Read more...]