About The Eagles, As I Was Saying…

Eagles 16, Chiefs 26, Thursday, September 19, 2013 Turnovers, to quote BGN, are not good. And boy howdy, was last night NOT good. Five, if I counted correctly. It was like, "We don't want the ball. No really, we insist - you take it. Please." all night long. Stud of the week: Jason Avant, Mr. Hands, who not only got in the end zone for the first time since 2011 and made at least one key tackle (that I recall) on yet another Vick pick, but accomplished a truly impressive circus catch, tipping an uncatchable ball back to himself and coming down with it. We had a week in which the D progressed (5 sacks, at least covering some of the receivers some of the time), while the  O … [Read more...]

Eagles Chick’s Week 3 NFL Picks

Note to Eagles fans: the Chiefs are not the Redskins or the Chargers. In fact, although it's early on, their defense is looking outstanding and continued to do so last night. It pained me to watch what they did to my Eagles in Andy Reid's epic return, but I can't say I didn't see it coming. Thanks to Reid, the Chiefs are playing smart, disciplined football on either side of the ball (kind of like the Eagles used to do in Andy's early years in Philly). So yeah, the Chiefs won. Big woop. Nothing to see here. And now...the rest of the matchups: Texans at Ravens - Both of these teams are struggling more than I expected them to so far, but I give the edge to the Texans, who are … [Read more...]


Eagles at Cardinals, Sunday, September 23, 2012 Stud of the week: Uh...Alex Henery? Hey, at least he made both field goals and provided all the points the Eagles were able to muster. So yeah, I guess Henery wins by default. Chaz Henry had a pretty good day of punting, too. On the other hand, he was getting plenty of practice. Given the problematic wins of the past two weeks, we all had to figure that things were going to go awry sooner or later. But I don't know that anyone expected them to go so spectacularly awry, and against the Cardinals. Where to start? There's plenty of blame to go around. Michael Vick. Yes, there were O-line problems with two new guys out there. And … [Read more...]

2012 NFL Week 3 Picks

This week the Eagles travel to Arizona to take on former teammate Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals. The Cardinals, like the Eagles, stand at 2-0, having just shocked the Patriots and most of the football punditry with a two point loss at home. The Eagles, meanwhile, were busy shocking the Ravens with a win after turning the ball over 9 million times (actual figure: 4). In other words, both of these teams could be in for a let down game. And the Eagles are struggling to field five offensive linemen. In the end, I think this will come down to two things: one, the Eagles D is going to make K2 miserable all day, and two, Michael Vick is getting the team to win by sheer force of will. … [Read more...]

Why Didn’t Y’all Tell Me?

OK, y'all - why didn't somebody tell me it was End the Streak Week in the NFL? I might've picked Eagles/Giants differently if you had. People! Need the info here! Stud of the week: we're three games into the season, and Shady's already repeating. He was pretty much the single bright spot on Sunday. Well, Shady and the wings at Fred's Tavern in Stone Harbor (which is where I was on Sunday). Mike Vick is not happy about how the hits he takes are getting called, or, to be more precise, NOT called. Two things occur to me: first, he could be right. Secondly, does he remember his first year with the Eagles - you know, when McNabb was still the starter? Did he actually WATCH any of … [Read more...]