Eagles/Broncos Verdict? Mercy Killing

Eagles 20, Broncos 52, Sunday, September 29, 2013 Why the title of this post? That was my thought when John Fox took Peyton Manning out of the game early in the fourth quarter. I mean, come on, we all knew this was going to be ugly. But this was UGLY. U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi UGLY. Stud of the week: seriously, dude, I don't even know. Everything was a mess. The offense couldn't score in the red zone. Alex Henery missed another field goal. The defense was like: "Did you see Peyton Manning? He's so DREAMY..." when they weren't celebrating the fact that, I don't know, they actually managed to make a tackle for once. Jeff Maehl? And I can't even find a picture of his TD, so … [Read more...]

2013 Season Week 4 Picks

The Eagles are traveling to Denver to face the Broncos this week. They have, quite literally, NO chance. To quote Jimmy Kempski: The Eagles got shredded Week 2 by a QB (Philip Rivers) who got his team up to the line quickly, identified the defense, then checked to a more favorable call. Peyton Manning is the master at that. To which I say: Yes. Yes, he is. My prediction? This is gonna go down like one of those college games when a football powerhouse school takes on some poor little A&M school and whups the hell out of them. It's possible Peyton hangs 100 points on the Eagles, assuming he doesn't get too tired to keep throwing the football. In the rest of the … [Read more...]

That’s How You Honor a Legend

Eagles v. Giants, Sunday, September 30, 2012 Stud of the week: Brian Dawkins. Duh. He came out of the tunnel Full Wolverine, and we were all yelling, "Put him in!" "Get him some pads!" "No, he doesn't even need pads! Just get him a helmet!" 13 seasons with the Eagles, 16 seasons total. 26 career sacks. 28 career forced fumbles. 37 career interceptions. Next stop: Canton. Also, LeSean McCoy had a really good game. Well, he had a good second half. But see, when you keep TRYING to run it throughout the game, it starts to work in the second half.  Andy, take notes. Actually, everyone had a really good game. Including the coaching staff, who did an excellent job of game … [Read more...]

2012 NFL Week 4 Picks

First of all, welcome back to the regular refs. Never thought I'd be glad to see them back, but there you have it. All it took was one really high profile HUGE mistake to make the owners see reason. Yeah. This week, the Giants are coming to the Linc to take on the Eagles in prime time on Sunday Night Football. Now, if you look at what happened last week, it seems fairly clear how this is going to end, and it's not pretty for the Eagles. Just in case you were blackout drunk and missed it, the Eagles got stomped out in Phoenix by a team nobody really expected to be any good. And the Giants stomped the Panthers, a team many (including myself) expected to be pretty decent this year, … [Read more...]


Eagles v. 49ers, Sunday, October 2, 2011 Stud of the Week: well, of course, it was Mike Vick, who had a career day for all the good it did. Given the way this season is going, I'm thinking of renaming this feature Goat of the Week, only there are WAY too many candidates. It probably comes as no surprise to hear that many people who know me casually are aware that I love the NFL. One of the first questions I always get is about fantasy football. The thing is, I don't play fantasy football. Why? Because I'm much more interested in team chemistry and how players function as a team than in people's individual stats. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Week 4 passing … [Read more...]