Eagles Offense, Where Art Thou?

Eagles 3, Cowboys 17 That's the only explanation I have. I mean, I recognized those guys - Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Brent Celek, Zach Ertz - or at least guys who looked like those guys, but they were playing like they didn't realize the game had started or something. Wow, was that sorry. Stud of the week: DeMeco Ryans, who was pretty much the only bright spot in the game. He had a pick that led to the Eagles only points in the game, plus a sack on Tony Romo that was one of the few bright spots in the game. Actually, I have to give credit to the entire defense. Two weeks ago, the Cowboys hung 48 points on the Broncos. The only … [Read more...]

2013 NFL Week 7 Picks

This Sunday, the Eagles host Cowboys for first place in the NFC East. Well, OK, first place not even halfway through the season. In a division that could very well be won at 8-8, or maybe even 7-9. Get excited. The Eagles are still missing starting QB Mike Vick,  although we were all one big happy family at the joint Foles/Vick presser today. Sort of. Those smiles look a little pasted on to me, no? Anyhow, Foles is starting. On the Cowboys side of "who's hurt this week?" both DeMarco Murray and DeMarcus Ware may be out. I suspect Ware is the bigger loss, since the Cowboys offense has - so far - been pretty pass-oriented. Which is not good news for the Eagles dreadful … [Read more...]

2009 Week 7 Recap

Stud of the Game: You know it's gotta be #10, DJax, the Dime of 5 & Dime, your favorite and mine, DeSean "Peanut" Jackson. 67 yard rushing TD, 57 yard receiving TD, 29 yard punt return. My man is bringing it in his sophomore season! Honorable mention goes to new Eagle MLB Will Witherspoon who created two turnovers last night, one that went for 6 and the other for 3. Welcome to the Eagles, Will! We're glad you're here. So we won, which is good. And our D looked pretty solid, particularly on that goal-line stand (which was helped by Jason Campbell's fumble). And we held Clinton Portis to 43 yards on 14 attempts (he's not the threat he once was, but that's still pretty good). And … [Read more...]

Some Get Right for Gang Green

After three weeks of ugly, demoralizing and useless losses, the Jets went out to Oakland and did what most teams do against the Raiders-get right. Unfortunately it came at the expense of Leon Washington-who is out for the year with a broken leg, but a win is a win right? The Jets that came to play yesterday are a stark contrast to the freak show that we fans have been forced to endure over the past few weeks. The defense was clicking, and capitalized on Jemarcus Russell's lack of football acumen to the tune of two interceptions a fumble-which accounted for 21 of the Jets 38 points. Calvin Pace played like a man possessed and was responsible for three sacks and two forced fumbles. … [Read more...]

2009 Week 7 Picks

Man, did we stink it up last week. Yes, I'm still on that. Does that mean that we aren't who we thought we were? Nah - just usual Eagles mid-season weirdness. They want to keep it interesting for the fans. If you recall, our Phillies had a mid-season slump too, and look how that's turning out! Meanwhile, the Redskins have stripped head coach Jim Zorn of his playcalling duties. Zorn, as you may recall, was originally brought in to be the offensive coordinator, aka The Guy Calling The Plays. Sherm Lewis will be calling the plays now. He's had an illustrious career, but he's also been calling nothing more important than bingo games recently, and he's been in DC with the Redskins for … [Read more...]