Lauren Silberman & the “Womp Womp” Heard ‘Round the World

As Lauren Silberman took to the field on Sunday to make history as the first woman to try out as an NFL kicker, I cued up Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" in my head. Even if she didn't make it on a team, which no one expected she would, I fully expected her to represent for women everywhere, to at least show that she deserved to be there. Sure I got a little uneasy as I watched her take 20 seconds to tee up the ball, but that didn't stop me from mentally singing for Lauren: "Anything you want done baby. I do it naturally!" And then came the kick that sent the ball about 19 measly yards, counting the roll. I shifted uneasily in my seat but I tried to attribute her weak attempt to … [Read more...]

Nola Chick Invades the NFL

Restraining order be damned, Nola Chick somehow managed to get a personalized tour of the NFL offices in New York. Surrounded by helmets, history, trophies and of course, footballs, I felt as though the Mother Ship had finally called me home. Since I'm not a selfish chick, I've decided to take you behind the curtain with me to explore this mystical land where dreams and legends are made. Joanna Hunter, NFL PR guru and all around awesome chick, served as my tour guide through this merry ole land of awesome. As we stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, I was instantly greeted by a familiar face that made it all feel that much more surreal. It was a photo of Saints quarterback … [Read more...]